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1280x1024 not working


hardware monkey
this computer has geforce 6150 onboard graphics. never had any problems when i used to have a 19" CRT on this computer and ran a resolution of 1024x768 or 1152x864. i recently got a hand-me-down 19" LCD for it and every time i switch to the native 1280x1024 i get a black screen with a 1-pixel thick blue line across the very top and pressing ESC doesn't revert back to the old resolution. but the computer seems to be functioning still because the harddrive light does show activity. weird. but if i reset it at that point, it will boot into windows at 1280x1024 just fine. but if i go into standby and wake it up, i get the same black screen/blue line.

at first i thought it was a problem with the monitor so i lugged the old CRT back out and it showed the same thing! has anyone ever heard of this? i uninstalled the video driver and reinstalled with no change. any other resolution, including 1280x960 that i'm using right now, works fine.
sounds like you are trying to force a refresh rate that the card cant do
Seconding this. When I replaced a CRT with an LCD, I realized that it was still set to an 85Hz refresh rate which I incorporated through a registry hack and didn't display anything.
There should be no selectable "refresh rate" if the computer is hooked to a plug and play LCD monitor. The newer top end LCD monitors may have a higher refresh rate (latest LCD TVs do) but since this is a hand me down it is most likely the old speed.

1) Make sure you have uninstalled the old monitor under device mangler.
2) Make sure the LCD is recognized and it's drivers are installed.

The higher the resolution the more VIDEO RAM required. If it is onboard video make sure the "available shared RAM" for the video card has not been limited in bios settings or by the MB design.

I don't recall any limitations on the 6150. My laptop onboard 6150 is running at 1280x800 native. If you have a laptop try plugging the new monitor into it to see how it responds.


hardware monkey
i forgot to mention i tried the actual Samsung driver, windows "plug and play monitor" driver, and even windows 1280x1024 LCD monitor driver which only allows 60hz. also, while i had the CRT plugged in the second time, i even did 1600x1200 which worked fine, so it can't be a hardware limitation. i have it set to 64mb shared, which should be more than plenty.

it's really odd. :\

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