11Mbps LinkSys Wireless Router vs. 54Mbps notebook


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hi. I just recently bought a Linksys-b 11Mbps wireless router. I have comcast which is 100Mbps as connected (desktop) and I have a notebook that has a max of 54Mbps wireless. My inquiry is, would it be better if i also have a 54Mbps router instead of an 11Mbps? does the 11Mbps router slows down the connection of my 54Mbps notebook and i won't get the fastest connection compared to a router that has a 54Mbps (g-version)? since on advertisements, it says that a 54Mbps is 5x faster than an 11Mbps which is true by numbers but does it really matter? how fast is our actual internet speed anyway? Whew! :confused:


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11mbps or 54mbps makes no difference when surfing the internet. your max internet transfer rate is anything between 256kbps and 4mbps anyway - that's less than half of the 11mbps your router.

However, if you want faster transfer between your notebook and desktop, then yes, you should get a faster router.


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ok. now it is getting clear. whew! so internet access is totally different from a desktop to destop to notebook transfer rate.
when it comes to transfer rate between the notebook and desktop, can i use a RJ45 cable hookup so that i could increase the transfer rate? both desktop and notebook is hardwire thru the router. :)


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yep, if you want you can use the ethernet cable to transfer at 100mbps. although if you were to use either/or both methods of connection (cable/wifi) the internet bandwidth will be part of the total transfer rate which you would notice. (i.e. a 1mbps internet connection will be part of the 11mbps wifi/100mbps ethernet)
percy said:
both desktop and notebook is hardwire thru the router. :)
If they are allready hardwired through the router they are running at 100 Mbps and not even using the wireless at all.

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