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1 simple button issue


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2. I have 2 pictures that i would like to use as a single button. So the first picture is the button and when the mouse is over the button it shows the other picture(the 2 pics are pretty much the same have the borders different and basicaly gives them a bevel in/bevel out effect if u know what I mean. The problem is that I only know 2 possible solution for this...one is name the 1st picture p1 for example and then write

src="../home.png" width="74" height="24" name="picture1"
onmouseover ="document.picture1.src = 'home2.png' "
onmouseout ="document.picture1.src = 'home.png' "</a>

or use Dinamic HTML effects from Front page options to swap pictures on mouseover. The picture would be of course .png. Anybody has a better ideea or can tell me if it's ok? thanx a lot I'm kind of new in bussines as u can well see.

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