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    Word Association

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    my ten year aniversary

    The hell is this? :dead:
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    yes, no, no
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    more later...
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    I can solve that.

    I can solve that.
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    I lost my brother today

    Really late here but I just saw this. You make me wish I new Martin. I feel for you, Perris. I only hope that I am a good enough person to have someone feel about me the way you feel about Martin. I am sorry for your loss.
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    Finally ready to talk

    Years ago, when Electronic Punk visited in Orlando, several of us members got together. I was always ashamed to mention this but after much therapy I feel this should be known. While on the dance floor, Electronic Punk touched my butt. One time I would have brushed it off as an accident but...
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    This is my thread

    Still my thread.
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    I farted in this thread

    Without question! Well done!
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    Phone # search

    More often than not, you can get it via google. If you know the city and state. If your are not in the U.S. I don't know if it works. Just type in First Name Last Name City, State
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    I farted in this thread

    I am not sure but I think I just got a semi. I missed you too.
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    I farted in this thread

    Very well done! :D
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    I farted in this thread

    The "How did you get your user name" thread:
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    I farted in this thread

    Yep. There's an old thread somewhere where I explained how it came about. I'll see if I can find it. It is a good read for many member's screen names.