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    has OSNN been abandoned?

    It's good to see the site is still up, think I've been back a couple times but nobody was around. Times change
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    Why does Alexa suck now?

    So I know Alexa was always an estimate. But recently (since they updated and basically went to a paid service). My site has dropped significantly in the rankings. Peaking in the low 90ks it has dropped to 130k over the last couple months. Interestingly enough each week/month is more trafficked...
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    Word Association

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    MySQL Headache and transferring Wordpress

    Hey Everyone, So the other day I realized I couldn't make any changes/new posts to my wordpress site. The culprit being that my database was somehow 1.1gb (turns out all those 150,000 spam posts that never got published actually did have an effect). So I figured, ok I'll delete em. First did...
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    Thunderbird, Outlook folder change HELP!

    Hey thanks for the reply! I just copied the files individually then pointed thunderbird to the folders (what the guide said). It wasnt working at first because the guide just said to move the local files. I had to move the roaming files as well. Each profile separately (huge headache). But it...
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    Thunderbird, Outlook folder change HELP!

    Hey Everyone, I'm pulling my hair out right now because I CANNOT get Thunderbird to save my emails on the right hard drive. I have a 60gb SSD which has 5gb free space, I installed thunderbird (to a drive other than the SSD mind you) and it still stores my email in the local folder. Ok...
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    Word Association

    James May And also. Holy thread revival :D
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    Default Gateway is not available. REALLY Need a fix, please please please help.

    Hey, I uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed but it does it just as frequently. every couple megabytes. This is driving me insane.
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    Default Gateway is not available. REALLY Need a fix, please please please help.

    Hey, So I FINALLY got around to testing the laptop hardwired to the Buffalo and it appears to be working fine. SO. My problem has persisted with no firewall on wifi for all this time, reset my network connection about 2 dozen times a day. I'm not sure where the problem is since this issue...
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    Default Gateway is not available. REALLY Need a fix, please please please help.

    Hey there, Thanks for the help. The only firewall I had enabled was windows firewall, I disabled it but the problem persisted. I will try hard-wiring to the router. This problem started with my new buffalo router however. Thanks again!
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    Default Gateway is not available. REALLY Need a fix, please please please help.

    Hey Everyone, I just purchased a Buffalo WZR-600DHP router and have been having a weird issue. When using the router on the shipped DD-WRT firmware I consistently get "The default gateway is not available" error and I have to reset my wireless adapter on my laptop. This issue doesn't occur on...
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    New computer build - PSU question

    Not that it's super important, but I figure I might as well update again. I switched out the Pixxo (though it never quit working) for a PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK II 950w when I decided to add a 2nd 5770 to the rig (as well as changing my motherboard and adding more ram). -Vanq
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    Replace PS3 Blu-Ray Drive?

    When I replaced mine, I bought the part you mentioned off ebay and that was all I needed to replace. I will mention that a Torx screw-driver was needed to deconstruct the ps3. My Psy laser broke twice, once while it was in warranty and again when it was out of it. Really simple fix if you...
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    Running 3 Monitors off my (2) AMD HD 5770s, What do I need?

    Hey Everyone, So I found my old monitor recently (the 1280X1024 LCD) and I was wondering what kind of adapter I would need to run all three of my monitors. I've been looking around and it appears I need a DisplayPort adapter. I just wanted to confirm this for my situation especially since I...
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    Wanting to build a Media PC on the cheap.

    If I had a microcenter real close to me (I think one is in boston maybe) I definitely would have. To update though the setup I chose was: CPU/APU: AMD A6-3500 Triple Core - $64.99 RAM: 8GB (2X4GB) 1600mhz HyperX - $29.99 MOBO: ASRock A75M FM1 - $74.99 CASE: APEX DM-318 - $40 but I got...