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12 Jan 2006
Hey Everyone,
So the other day I realized I couldn't make any changes/new posts to my wordpress site. The culprit being that my database was somehow 1.1gb (turns out all those 150,000 spam posts that never got published actually did have an effect). So I figured, ok I'll delete em. First did some right from WP but it would take too long and had no avail, then I did a query to remove the "pending" posts from a table, and the "drafts". This meant that 675mb of the 1.1 would be deleted. Unfortunately it is just staying in "overhead" and because its over the quota I cannot run optimize table...
I have spent hours on the phone with 1and1, but they are truly terrible and had no help. They just told me to (1) optimize and (2) delete manual which I had already tried and done. They said they could not optimize on their end, and I asked him to reboot the server to see if that did it. It didn't. So now I'm stuck with 675mb in overhead that is making it so i cant do anything, which includes back up my database. I also can't access SSH on the 1and1 server for some stupid reason...
I have already signed up with a new host (BlueHost) in preparations for moving the site, but what should have been easy is a nightmare. myphpadmin on 1and1 will not (apparently) export the full database... it says its 1.1gb (with or without that 675 overhead it didnt matter) but the exported .sql was only ever a max of 170mb. It wouldn't make a difference because bluehost only allows 50mb upload of an sql backup through phpmyadmin, and 150mb max through ssh (which I cant even figure out where the hell they want me to upload the database through ftp).

ANYWAYS. Where I'm at now is: my site is still live at AdWhois - Who's in that commercial?, but my new server is also up at And I was able to export/import using the wordpress backup xml file, it appears everything (at least all the posts) was transferred but now I want to make sure that when I move the domain name from 1and1 to bluehost, that all the links remain the same. I don't want to lose all the search engine links i've got to this point... Can someone please help me on this? How do I make sure the links remain the same? What are the steps. I do have all the wp files from the first site backed up on my PC and also on that new server, and I think the wordpress import moved the database (how the posts made it), but I haven't transferred the domain yet since i don't want to run the risk of losing everything.

Anyhelp would be so very appreciated. I'm at my wits-end, just as my site was starting to do well this happens :(

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