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    Unlimited broadband

    Tee-hee. How mad is that...i'm now paying £20 for 20meg. Sorry for the ulimate bump! Just looking back at my previous posts and with the first page i was back to 2004!
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    Well, i'm back.

    Hello! Haven't been here for year. Haven't really been part of this place for about three years! But i'm back, having a nose around and seems a lot has changed. Doubt many of you remember the name anyway, but it's nice to be in a familar place! :)
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    BF2141 Open Beta now available Enjoy. :)
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    [UK] F.E.A.R. for a fiver dont say i never think of you guys! :) Hope you're all good.
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    The ULTIMATE keyboard... LCD buttons...all of them. Oh yes.:)
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    Gamecubes £34.99 Limited stock.

    Do it!! :) The system has a ton of quality games.
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    Gamecubes £34.99 Limited stock. I'm a kind soul aren't i?! :) Thought i'd let you UK-based peeps in on it.
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    [Price Check] Jap PSP Value + 2 Games

    Cut my losses? What are you chatting about? Point is, it's not available least until September. But cheers for the reples...
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    [Price Check] Jap PSP Value + 2 Games

    Well, you cant get them at all in the UK. Besides, this is a Jap version..slightly better screen and region 2 as well. £240 is about right to me.
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    [Price Check] Jap PSP Value + 2 Games

    What do you think it would be worth? Games: Wipeout Pure and Lumines. All in mint condition. PSP has no dead pixels etc. I'm thinking £240. Sound ok?
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    Octopus Camouflage Incredible! Thought i would i dont do much else round here these days :) Miss you guys...and gals :( heh
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    I call upon thee!

    Thanks guys...much appreciated. Done as much ++rep for this 24hours..system wont lemme do more :) Thanks again.
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    I call upon thee!

    I'm trying to win a m8 a trip to Euro Disney, and am requesting the help of you good people. Up until yesterday he was winning. No registration is required, just the push of a button. Cast your! :)
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    God of War---PS2

    Reviews are looking VERY good for this.. (sorry for poor formatting) Gamespy 3/22/2005 5 out of 5 100.0% IGN 3/18/2005 9.8 out of 10 98.0% GameSpot 3/21/2005 9.3 out of 10 93.0% Game Informer 4/1/2005 10 out of 10 100.0% Playstation...
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    PSP Browser + other niceness

    Seems as though Wipeout Pure has a super-secret web browser And a guide on how to get E-books on your PSP...