PSP Browser + other niceness


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very nice, PSP the new toy for hack0rs, im sure we will be seeing more and more uses for the PsP,


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My friend who got his told me that he wants to toss away his DS after playing with the PSP :D

I'm going to refrain from plunging more money towards games for the moment though :p


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Very very very cool. I don't really want to buy wipeout pure just to do this though. Hopefully we'll get some first party stuff from Sony that does this.


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Played with one today, and was very impressed by it. Even almost got the browswer in Wipeout to work :p

It's going to be hard to resist until the price cut :S


They've been auctioning those off all week in the U.K. on Talk Sport in the high/low auction, lowest unique bidder gets the booty for the winning price, they sound good.

Some lady got one for 48 new pence (48p), not in shops either, my Son will be grieving me on his 10th birthday for one I bet.


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They do look quite tempting, but only for arsing about with, not playing games on :p certainly not worth the £180 (~$340USD) that'll be slapped on it once released over here, I think it would be more wise to put that £180 aside for an Xbox360 later on :D

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