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    Happy Birthday Old Man

    Happy Birthday, you should celebrate it with two 25 year-olds.
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    dont know if it is perris's birthday but......

    Happy Birthday buddy.
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    Happy BirthdayTabula Rasa!

    A bit late, thank you everyone :) As a gift to my self I get to do this: :D America I've given you all and now I'm nothing. America two dollars and twentyseven cents January 17, 1956. I can't stand my own mind. America when will we end the human war? Go **** yourself with your atom bomb...
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    I farted in this thread

    I miss you too :)
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    Hey I am home

    Welcome Back :)
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    My Mom makes her own blogs....

    my grandma dug herself out only to open a paypal account.
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    Free food and a roof over head. Hopefully that would be Signal Processing (DSP) in TAU (Tel-Aviv University), starting September :)
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    Party? There's nothing like a bush party when the cops show up and your realy high on acid to get you through 4 months :p I now have four years of uni after working construction for a year.
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    Should Paris Hilton go to jail?

    She should go to a psychiatric institute for much longer than 90 days, but not jail. Her father on the other hand, should get shot.
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    The Really Long Thread

    I'm holding on, you? The place looks as vibrant as I've not seen it in for a while (What the hell did I just say?!) , thats good :)
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    The Really Long Thread

    Yo :classic:
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    The Really Long Thread

    Jack Kerouac, Robert Zimmerman, and Weasel. All there is to it. Hope everybody are warm, dry and safe :)
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    DVD/Video software for Vista

    Great :) I tried dvd playback using the copy of Media Player classic that comes with quick time alternative and it works like a charm :D Thanks for all the info vertigo, rep is comming your way once I can give it to you again.
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    DVD/Video software for Vista

    Sorry I'm being difficult, but I want to understand and not just monkey this through. In short, what is a stram splitter and dvd navigator? I do have ffdshow installed, but for all I know it only acts as a MPEG/ac3 decoder.
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    February 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    Vizda all the way :)