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    The Girlfriend Problems Thread

    You think 15 year olds arn't active? It's disgusting, but they are. As for the woman/friend problem.. Stay with the girl.. the only person that is having a problem with this is your friend. Try to sit down with him and talk, calm words can go a long way.. Maybe he'll see that he is being...
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    Free game--why is it so small?

    This is from the readme file 3. system requirements ---------------------- .kkrieger requires a relatively high-end machine to run properly. To be precise: - A 1.5GHz Pentium3/Athlon or faster. - 512MB of RAM (or more) - A Geforce4Ti (or higher) or ATI Radeon8500 (or higher)...
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    NForce2 Dual Channel Ram Question

    I'm pretty sure that using all 3 slots will disable dual channel.
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    how to recover lost partition

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    Has anyone ever used/tested this program?...

    I never experenced that. Do not be so quick as to isolate your problem to one program. Perhaps your computers' poor performance is being cause by something else. Time for an upgrade perhaps.
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    Has anyone ever used/tested this program?...

    Its actually a good program. It doesn't eat up processor time, it only takes cpu cycles from the System Idle Process, in which, instead of sending redundant data through the processor (like System Idle Process does) it doesn't send anything through, gives your processor a little bit of a break...
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    XP Login done differently

    Or, in the run dialog box, type "control userpasswords2" It is the very first check box. At least this way, if anyone wants to change it back they don't have to remember what value the reg entry had in it.
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    Somehow I "locked" my desktop items into place

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    The 3D Cooler is no good. It only performs [better than the stock fan] when the fan is at max rpm. The tomshardware review reads 63.6dB @ 4000rpm. Certainly not a good performing HSF. Anywho, my recommendation is to get a top quality heatsink. In my experence, almost any old fan will do...
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    Nvidia Advertising Nv40 Discretely? or is it just me? lol

    He is refering to the manufactuers making drivers that boost scores in benchmarks programs, nvidia did this not so long ago, ati as well, before nvidia and now no one seems to remember that.
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    Difference between 801.11b and 801.11g

    might as well wait.. new standards coming out soon.
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    Nvidia Advertising Nv40 Discretely? or is it just me? lol

    haha I'm not starting anything, I have no brand preference. Perhaps a slight lean to ATI, and only because they are a Canadian company, I would just rather them have my money. I just find it interesting that, 6 months ago, on all the forums, nvidia was the enemy and ati was raining supreme...
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    Nvidia Advertising Nv40 Discretely? or is it just me? lol

    Where did all teh ATI fanboys go? 2 months ago they were everywhere.
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    Update GPU Bios?

    Don't go there.
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    How to find type of RAM in a comp?

    if you pull the stick out and look in the long socket that it was seated in, if you see 2 notches then you're looking for SD, if you see only one notch, then it is DDR.