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    What are your V3 Gain Table Settings...

    LOL..really on a V3?? Mine rings loud as per the settings, but as long as the setting is not higher than what I have is there risk in blowing the speaker, but then again it's all about user preference(s)...
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    Does Motorola Phonetools Charge V3?

    It probably doesn't charge since the driver is being used by another program (MPT) to be able to do whatever you want in terms of down/up loading stuff to it. I've never really paid attention to it, but that's my opinion on it.
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    What are your V3 Gain Table Settings...

    no modders in da house? Man we need to get a modding thread so all can see what can actually be done to the V3s...
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    What are your V3 Gain Table Settings...

    This is for the modders... here are mine, just interested in seeing if anyone else has different ones..
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    Cingular V3i Question

    Just glad to help out!!!
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    Cingular V3i Question

    Here's the one for Cingular Orange... Name: MEdia Net Homepage: http://device.home Service Type 1: WAP Gateway IP: Port 1: 9201 Domain 1: Blank Service Type 2: WAP Gateway IP 2: Port 2: 9201 Domain 2: blank DNS 1: DNS 2: Timeout: 15...
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    Cingular V3i Question

    change your websession settings to get access to the internet. Here are the settings for Cingular Blue (previously AT&T). # Name: mMode # Homepage: http://home # Service Type 1: WAP # Gateway IP: # Port 1: 9201 # Domain 1: Blank # Gateway IP 2: # Port 2: 8080 #...
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    Take Screenshots of your V3..

    scardy-cats....I would have expected to see some nice ones...
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    How to use a Voice Record as a Ringtone..

    Another bit of info to share with the V3ers here...I don't take credit for this, but I did test it and it works great.. Need to point out that you will get the charge, but what the hell, it's only 10 cents, apart from that if there's anyone that has a better solution, then please post. 1. go to...
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    Take Screenshots of your V3..

    Ok, I found this little proggie on another forum and thought I'd bring it over to share with everyone else. Ok, the software is made by Blackbox, the screenshots are in PNG format will be saved in MSnap folder, shooting time takes a bit, and that MSnap works in command prompt mode. 1.Connect...
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    Problem with phone shutting off.

    maybe the battery and/or the sim card is loose..even though if it were the sim card it would state "insert sim card" - check to see that you're battery's held in a tight place. Did you buy the phone new or used?
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    Bought v3c off ebay how do i get rid of the name?

    It's a seem edit is all, research what seem it is, and either remove it, or replace it with your name or something else. I personally am not knowledgabe about the hacking of that version, but being that I am somewhat ok with hacking the V3, I can tell you that it can be editted, just need to...
  13. paapimp with p2k?

    I believe you can do this with MPT or MobilEdit
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    How do i get rid of the annoying tune the phone plays when I turn it on?

    unless you keep it on vibrate/silent.. Aside from that there's no other way in customizing the startup/shutdown tone without utilizing any other programs.
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    Motorola Mobile Phone Tools (mpt)

    This kind of request is basically against forum rules bud...The forum does not support the idea of warez/free copy-righted software... If you want you can get a "lite" version of mobiledit..