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How to use a Voice Record as a Ringtone..


Razr V3 Modder
Another bit of info to share with the V3ers here...I don't take credit for this, but I did test it and it works great.. Need to point out that you will get the charge, but what the hell, it's only 10 cents, apart from that if there's anyone that has a better solution, then please post.

1. go to 'create message'
2. then down to 'new multimedia message'
3. then press 'insert'
4. then press 'voice record'
5. then press and hold the key that you use when you are recording a regular voice record, while you are doing this, let the music that you want to be set as your ringtone be playing, the voice record will only record for about 20 seconds or so.
6. when your done, a blank screen will pop up like your about to send a text message, but just press 'ok' dont write anything
7. then you press 'one time entry' and then a random number (i recomend "555-5555")
8. then the message will send, go to your 'outbox' and press 'read' , the voice record will play, press the menu button (the one that allows you to delete, rename, edit, etc..) and press 'store' from that menu
9. and from there it says 'file' press store, and then just use common sense from there

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