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    I can haz leet - how many you can remember in ONE day?

    Seriously - I got a bit freaked the other day, things kept telling me I was leet! Firstly I was doing some fundraising and as you can see there (unless my sister has donated and taken it up!); the total raised was £1,337. Then later that day I got a couple of pay slips (where I work is a...
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    opera master password lost

    now I have simply remembered the password I believe... But I am for sure unable to figure out the complex way Opera handles this stuff.... may revert to FFox just for simplicities sake although I like many other features of Opera....
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    opera master password lost

    Many thanks guys - OSNN seems to be a little livelier, at least if this thread is any indication! I've actually made a post on the Opera forum - if I get useful intel there I shall post it back here if time...
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    opera master password lost

    Well - it may not be - can anyone advise the Opera restrictions on password, like length and spcial char stuff? Then maybe I can remember it.... alternatively should that fail - anyone know a reset or similar or should I just rip the thing out and go again?
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    Anyone heard of Yoggie?

    interesting - slightly OT but the guy working for/with me is writing a dummy's guide on security now which I'll likely put up on the comm-tech website so I'll try to add it here for opinions when it's done. anyone else heard of the Yoggie and, more importantly, the way it "died" or flopped?
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    Anyone Heard of ECS Brand

    ECS = ok - see a fair few of them through for refurbishing computers - seldom is it the mobo that died, so they go out again OK, not too hard to get drivers for either, so they work for me (then again I stopped buying gear years ago now... it just comes to me and they have to pay for me to take...
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    Anyone heard of Yoggie?

    It's some code on a USB stick - read a review from 2008 here... Why do I mention it? Well a client came in yesterday with a laptop asking us to install it for them... actually they claimed the PC had been borked and would need a reinstall due to their attempts, but it turned out all was...
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    Simple content update

    I am (yet again) setting up a site, a very simple site, for some folks. You can see the Beta (very early) here and I am about to implement something so that there can be minimal CMS capability. I want to keep it very simple. So the only updated page will be the one that links to a document...
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    now Ill have to return to your blog too...

    now Ill have to return to your blog too...
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    Boobs don't cause earthquakes

    did he say Marge is on titters? Errrrr tWitters...? :eek:
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    LCD problem on a Dell M1330

    We have one of these in for repair ATM - shame you are not in the UK - I could have brokered a salvage operation to sacrifice on of these to make a good one from parts ;) (Problem with the one in for repair is different issue - PSU or mobo shorting, no power up.)
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    Two head up on Dell optiplex 620

    OK - 2 up now ;)
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    Tell me if I am mad - server in a shed

    Well - I suspect this is a crazy idea - but anyway I have just moved and although I have a server (thanks Lord) there is no where to put it. At the moment it is in my office, and I have negotiated plugging it in there - but to SSH in and so forth is less than ideal with my current ISP and they...
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    Two head up on Dell optiplex 620

    * NEWSFLASH * I now have a working PCIX gfx card. I do not (yet) have two heads up :( why? well the Y cable I got is fine on the VGA side, but on the other (DVI) socket there are a single bunch of pin outs and not two groups of four with the slot on the end - so my DVI monitor cable will not...
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    Two head up on Dell optiplex 620

    looks like that will fit the bill - now all I have to do is find a supplier in the UK :/