Tell me if I am mad - server in a shed

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Aug 29, 2002
Well - I suspect this is a crazy idea - but anyway I have just moved and although I have a server (thanks Lord) there is no where to put it. At the moment it is in my office, and I have negotiated plugging it in there - but to SSH in and so forth is less than ideal with my current ISP and they often run torrents at the office at weekends when I want access....

So this morning I was sat on the patio and notice there are external power points in place already - and a small shed. Has anyone else ever placed a server in a semi-outdoor environment with success? Are there environment protection systems or rugged cases or better yet cages for cases since it's already in a nice sonata...

Or - am I mad?

Opinions please...


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Jan 12, 2004
Never heard of it. But if you think it will work and set up a remote access to it so you don't have to go out in cold weather, then by all means try it .. :)


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Jan 25, 2003
Depend on the heat, humidity and dust levels. If you are in southern England it's probably a bad idea.

Enhanced lightning protection is a must. The wiring to the shed will be more susceptible to ligtning than the wiring to the house.

You would have to build in a small server room with a window aircondiitoner in part of the shed. Insulate it heavily on all 6 sides. Check/clean the Airconditioner filter weekly. Heat in the winter would also be necessary to prevent condensation.

Do-able, but figure $300-500 USD for materials.

PS Yes you are mad but that is a separate issue... ;)

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Jun 23, 2004
You may have to worry about small bugs or rodents climbing around/into power supply and/or CPU which could short out the system.

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