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    Webpage Cookie Messages

    Sorry for not getting back sooner and including this info Win-7 SP1 Pro x64 browser + IE10 Internet Options\Privacy\Advance Privacy Settings\Cookies override automatically cookie handling = yes <<<< should this be set to No <<<< first party cookies = accept third party cookies =...
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    Webpage Cookie Messages

    I am fed up every time I visit a webpage these stupid cookie messages appear all the time, is this the stupid bureaucrats in Europe gone mad again or does this happen all over the world. I say ok to them then when I revisit the webpage again the message is back.. Or do I have to override...
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    which cpu

    i got a new moby for a hp g56-106sa laptop i got for nothing which has a differint s/n, to the origional moby. i need to know which would be the best cpu to install. would a intel t4500 work or is there a better one. new moby serial no: daax3mb16a1 - rev a socket: mpga487mn the...
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    underlined green & blue text

    The annoying green/blue double-underlined words you get on Webpages. If your mouse simply moves over them it pops up a advertising window. Seemingly they are called IntelliTXT links and there from Vibrant In-Text Advertising. I better watch what i say as I heard someone got baned by posting how...
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    underlined green & blue text

    i tried a search for this but didn't find anything. How do i stop those pesky "green and blue underlined" text on web-pages, theres so many now it's unreal. They just seen to pick a random word and a dam pop-up appears. i tried google but there don't seem to be a easy way to stop them..
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    vista install problem on new h/drive

    i didn't know that as i have installed vista with 3gb ram before, maybe it only happens on certain laptops.. thanks again
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    Windows 7 hanging before installer

    You can get sata/ide or ide/sata interface cards for 3.5" hard drives, or even one that does both.. i have used them quite a lot when an older motherboard does not have sata onboard and saved the person money forking out on a new motherboard until they want to make a major upgrade + operation...
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    program called "Process Lasso"

    hi to all Can a program called "Process Lasso" overclock a CPU.. because i have just noticed the CPU was overclocked slightly so i changed the settings back to normal using the F6. I can't see the people changing things in the bios unless it was their son who i think loaded on the program...
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    no sound replayed in webcam video

    hi all Reply Not sure if I'm supposed to post here or somewhere else... When I replay a webcam video that I took to test alls ok, there is no sound replayed in the movie, I have tried 2 new different webcams with the same result. When I test the webcam mic in windows sound checker setup, the...
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    vista install problem on new h/drive

    Just like to say thanks to all who replied... sorry for not replying as i had to go into hospital fror a while.. ok now
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    New IDE hard drive problem

    Hi all I mistakingly bought a new ide 160gb h/drive for a acer travelmate 4060 (model no 4060 LMi), then i found out it can only see a 100gb ide drive. If i partitioned the drive into 2 partitions would this work, there again its still a 100gb drive. is there any way i can get it to see the new...
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    problem laptop

    i have been given a dell inspiron 1525 laptop and did and installed vista and all s/p +updates till now, i had a very hard time installing vista because the installation crashed all the time, in the end i installed xp and did a upgrade. When i try to select a desktop icon or folder it opens...
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    vista install problem on new h/drive

    i have just found out that one of the ram chips is playing up, it has 3gb of ram and i removed the 1gb one and vista installed ok. maybe this will help others in the same situation. PS: whats wrong with this form, it seems nobody wants to help joe public anymore. bit sad really.
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    vista install problem on new h/drive

    I had to replace the hard drive on a insprion 1525 laptop and went to install vista home premium, every time i try to install vista it starts to load then crashes just after you see the cursor appearing on the black screen. I have tried different disc's and even changed the bios settings to...
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    Error Installing XP on new hard drive

    Ahhh! I think i had to do this a long time ago, would i be correct in saying that i have to find out the "Make/Model" of the motherboard to get the correct sata drivers. thanks Arniestan1