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    and so it goes... pleased to friend up with one of the old timers. Lonman

    and so it goes... pleased to friend up with one of the old timers. Lonman
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    Haunted by BSOD

    Try here (hotfix):
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    Start menu too big

    I'm w/ Bman. 3 columns = sloppy. 1 'short' column = easy to navigate.
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    Help!!!! (Mandriva Download Issues)

    Get FireFox or Opera web browser(s)... they have built-in download managers that allow you do stop/start downloads.
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    STRANGE problem

    I Googled "Windows was unable to save all the data for the file \Device\HarddiskVolume1\$Mft," and came up with a page full of results. I suggest you do the same (Google the error message) and read up on it... it's all pretty much in geek speak over my head. The gist of it, that I do...
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    Damaged Encryted Archive Files...

    Try launching Folder Crypto Password 2.0 and opening the archive from there. Hopefully it's just a problem with incorrect file association and something else is giving you the damaged archive message. If that 'Folder Crypto' program won't open what it encrypted I guess it gets a major thumbs...
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    Can't get USB Open host controler to start after boot up

    Have you checked the bios to see if usb is enabled there?
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    problems downloading SP2

    Here's a list of mirrors you can download from: I'm on a cable connection so I haven't had a need for a download manager, but with these mirrors you can use the one of your choice I'm sure.
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    my crash...

    what's the name of the file?
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    Ok I have a HUGE Problem in W2K...

    w/o the password I'm not sure what to suggest. You can try an 'fdisk /mbr' and see it that helps at all... doubtful. My recommendation is to slave the hard drive into another machine and retrieve the files... from there you can do a clean install on the machine in question. I'd go as far as...
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    Problems with a PCChips M75LMRT

    If your m/b died not much will help, unfortunately. All I can do is give you some ideas that I'd try in a similar situation. Try resetting the bios for one... you should have a jumper for that on your m/b somewhere. If no joy with that, I'd pull everything except the essentials (video...
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    Sys Info folder after partition magic

    This is what I do when I have a stubborn file/folder that Windows won't let go of for deletion. From Task Manager stop the service 'explorer.exe,' this will kill your shell. Then from the pull down menus run a new task (File> New Task (Run...)) and type in 'explorer' which will re-launch your...
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    kazaa lite resserection...

    Jump supernodes in Kazaa until you find all the users... started it w/ 72k users... jumped supernodes and found 2.8mil.
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    Fried motherboard... but fried power supply?

    good advise Maveric169. I'd take it even further... reduce the computer to pieces... disassemble it completely, clean every piece with a damp rag and an old toothbrush in those hard to reach areas like fan blades. While you're at it inspect everything very well. I'd go as far as pulling the...
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    Water cooling - the wrong way :D

    If we had more pc users like this, we'd have less pc users like this. ;)