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    3-way SLI power issues

    Its running ok now, boots into windows, etc. I've had a couple of random hardware malfunction BSOD's. I think I may have to upgrade my PSU at some point, this setup is pushing the 850w to the limit!
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    3-way SLI power issues

    After alot of switching plugs around, I fixed my power issue. Turns out the adapters are compatible with my BFG card, but not my XFX's. Weird, I thought all 280's were exactly the same.:suprised: I now have 3x 280 gtx's running on an 850w PSU!
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    3-way SLI power issues

    Hello all once again. I've just invested in a third 280 gtx but much to my dissapointment, my Coolermaster 850w PSU lacks a third 8pin pcie plug. Before anyone asks, I've tried using the adapters (molex to 6pin, etc) bundled with the card and they did not work. I don't want to fork out for...
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    MOH: Allied Assault

    Man I was tempted to install this game the other day. I still have my copy from when it was first released. The graphics are something to lol at.
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    Dell Laptop EXPLODES At News Conference

    holy thread revival:dead:
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    windows 7 ultimate only 22 USD

    This is one of those "too good to be true" moments.
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    A movie you hated, but EVERYBODY seemed to like

    The book of Eli Termiantor Salvation My god those films were awful, my friends think otherwise.
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    My Perfect Windows 7 Theme

    I'm with you on the auto hide feature Bman, it never felt right. I agree the taskbar is unnecessarily large but I guess I've just got used to it.
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    Overclocking question

    Make sure you havn't set your voltages too high. Not all cpu's are identical in terms of overclocking capabilities. Some get hotter than others. I can only squeeze 3.4ghz stable out of my q9450. I should be getting at least 3.6ghz.:cry:
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    Has Windows 7 killed this site?

    OSNN is the only place I come to with tech questions :lick: This community has served me well over the years.
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    Its been 7 years...

    I've been here for a while now, you wouldn't have thought by my post count.
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    Help with overclocking

    Bman, use ATItool. Its the overclockers best friend. You can set it to automatically find the highest rates without frying your card. It might be worth checking google to see what max rates other people are getting, then work around that.
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    GTA4 for £4.99!!

    Grand Theft Auto IV PC Version is for sale for $7.49 USD/£4.69 GBP/ €7.49 EUR on . If you still haven't picked up GTA IV PC version then do so, the deal ends today!
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    DVI to HDMI no sound

    Thank you all for your help. I've just watched Akira in 1080p, the video and audio quality was fantastic :)
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    DVI to HDMI no sound

    hey lord, I'm literally kicking myself. I forgot to connect the two pin spdif cable from the graphics card to the motherboard. The only problem now is the cable won't reach my second card xD Will I see a drop in performance if I ran both monitors on the same card?