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    Possible to reorganize start menu?

    Seems like threads are not active these days, is this because of Win7 ?
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    Possible to reorganize start menu?

    Could you be more specific ? What is to be modified in the registry ?
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    Happy Birthday ElectronicPunk

    I'm late, once again, Joyeux Anniversaire EP !
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    interesting vista validation thingy

    Maybe not related, but 2 weeks ago, a dialog box appeared asking me to vadidate my copy of Vista Ultimate again, which I did perform in a matter of seconds. The weird thing, for me at the least, is that there was no hardware replacement since the 1st time I validated Vista, maybe 1 year and a...
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    Looking for New Antivirus Program

    I use Kasperky Internet Security 2009 (KIS 9), I'm happy with Kaspersky since KAV 3.5.
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    Happy Birthday SPeedY_B

    Sorry, late again, Joyeux Anniversaire / Happy Birthday SPeedY_B !
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    PhpBB3 missing "action" buttons

    Hello, I just launched a private PhpBB3 forum restricted to my large and scattered family accross FroggyLand. The problem is that when the forum is set to French, all the "action" buttons are missing, such as "new topic", "post reply", "profile", "pm", "email", "edit", "quote" and...
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    Happy Birthday LordOfLA

    Joyeux Anniversaire !
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    Happy Birthday gonaads!!

    Joyeux Anniversaire, late but true.
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    Best Free Forum Application

    In every case, I need a MySQL database available on my domain, am I right ? I'm asking because I have to buy the option or take a larger disk space (500Mo against 100Mo)that includes PHP 5 + MySQL5 ? To answer your question Carpo, the traffic should be rather low because of its private purpose...
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    Best Free Forum Application

    And what about punBB ? I also would like to create a forum, a private one; isn't to heavy/complicated for that purpose ?
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    Happy Birthday Howling Wolf

    Thank you all and everyone, merci a tous ! Now 36...
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    Nokia N95

    And what about the Nokia N95 8Gb ? I should receive it in a few days, the screen is bigger and no need for a memory card anymore. It will be great with my new mobile account* : 2 call hours per month, and unlimited sms/mms/surf (http/https), with free Google Maps and Nokia Maps. I bought it to...
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    [Movie Review] I Am Legend

    Re: I Am Legend I can't wait to see the movie, I read and loved every Richard Matheson's novels and short-stories (Hell House, Bid Time Return,...)
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    Happy Birthday kr0m

    I'm late, but Happy Birthday Kr0m / Joyeux Anniversaire* (* FroggyLand)