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    replace router with HUB

    Yes and no. if you use a hub all computers on your lan will be exposed to the internet each computer will have a public address assigned by your modem. depending on your ISP they normally on provide you with so many ip address. so you will have to check with you ISP to see if they are providing...
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    Upgrading Cellphone

    It will depend on the plan you currently have. do you pay for a data package or just web browsing. if you pay for just web browsing then you will have to change you plan as a data package will be required. other wise its just a Hardware upgrade. Technically its just a change in there billing...
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    Which dd-wrt version?

    I use the mega because it contains all the different options. You should look under there compatibility section on there website because depending on which version and Rev of router will determine which version you can use. i.e. if the router has enough memory to support the mega version of DD-WRT.
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    Looking for remote access software

    Look into logmein it is web based
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    Dell Latitude D600, HDD Security, Replace HDD?

    I don't know about the Dell system for sure but when somebody put a password on a hard drive in one of my laptops (IBM) i just swapped the harddrive and was good to go.
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    Help setting up a 7820N All-in-one...

    that's great. have fun printing, scanning and faxing
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    Help setting up a 7820N All-in-one...

    You should be able to set the IP address here from the printer menu The link below links to the network setup Manual for the printer. (Section 3)
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    Partitions not set up

    If you are just installing XP use the setup CD and you can create the partitions from within the setup *remember to use an NTFS partition not FAT32(limited at 32 GB)
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    Start Up Music

    it is the same way in XP as in Vista under control panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices Properties
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    Fixed Instant Message Subscriptions

    hmm... that one came through
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    Fixed Instant Message Subscriptions

    I am not receiving the Instant messages for subscriptions that i am subscribed to anybody know of why this might be? I am forwarding it to a account if that makes any difference
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    HiJackThis help

    If you have a monitor that you can hook the laptop upto it might help determine if it is screen that is the problem.
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    2 Connections, 1 House

    This is a company that does support Fiber in ontario. there used to be a company in Hamilton called FibreWired which now goes by Atria Networks mostly for businesses but they might service residential Other than seeing bill board advertisements i don't...
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    Terminal Services computer listing

    thanks for the quick reply that worked perfectly Graeme
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    Terminal Services computer listing

    Is there a way to remove a computer from the drop down list that you have connected to through Terminal services? Thanks Graeme