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    Goodbye from him....

    I have been running a relatively forum and gameserver for over 2 years without the need to resort to the pathetically intrusive attempts at cretinous advertising that you feel you require. I do it because I enjoy it, and don't mind paying for the hosting/maintainance, but when there is a...
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    Goodbye from him....

    I spend my life trying to avoid those annoying, pathetic attempts to sell. I honestly thought that here was one safe haven. I can quite happily handle the odd small advert, but when they are on virtually all the pages, and plastered all over the place, then they become "in your face" and to be...
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    Goodbye from him....

    I have been a member for well over a year, and a regular visitor. I have now, however, decided to call it a day! I will not be returning..... UNLESS THOSE DAMN ADVERTS GO..!!!!!!!
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    File Hosting

    I run a bit of a game server/forum, and was wondering whether anybody out there knew of a reliable file hosting service (up to about 1 gig) as cheaply as possible. Advertising would be welcome! ( I think ):D
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    Changing WinXP files

    This topic has possibly already been covered, but I just wouldn't know what to search for. I am aiming to alter a couple of files on my WinXP install disk, saving me the trouble of changing them after installation. I know it can be done, I have seen it, I just don't know where! When you...
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    I am soooooo bored.....

    I wonder why you were banned from IRC........:confused:
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    Microsoft OFFICE 2003 or XP [ ? ]

    I beta tested 2003 and as a company decided to buy it as I was rather impressed with it. BUT, on my home machine (Win XP) I use Appleworks which I find supremely easier to use and because it was written in assembler is infinitely smaller and runs faster!!
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    Mac OS X icons

    You wanna pop along to for some authentic Mac icons. Very good quality. I also used to use a website called but have had trouble these last couple of days getting on the site. And yes, a Window$ box that looks like a mac is a LOT cheaper than the...
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    Very good, but where can I get the other version??
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    Driver Updates Scam?

    Why not do what most of us do!! Know what hardware we have, and keep tabs on the relevent driver pages (at regular intervals...i.e. monthly or fortnightly) As for Windows updates, I check in there about once a month as well. Also keep my eyes open on NTFS for any critical updates (security...
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    nVidia driver permissions...

    Installing as administrator should have gived all users permission to change. you could try installing them within each profile?!?
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    suffered the same fate last evening. did what speedy suggested (applied patch, updated my AVG antivirus and scanned system) all removed, all back to normal Huge thanks to speedy TOK
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    Punk Smells

    sounds highly suspicious to me, probably upset his sheep!!
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    Punk Smells

    When i can drag him off the Spearhead servers i will cuff him round the ear'ol, stick a keyboard up his **se and get him to come in and say hello. Seriously tho' I get the impression he's a little pissed with ntfs, but he clams up totally when i mention it!! If any of you guys have any...