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    Best app's for Linux (Fedora)

    Well I had some great help with getting a video player for linux (thanks NetRyder) so now I'm looking for some of the best in the following catagories; Mp3 player or "jukebox" CD/DVD Burning DVD authoring and/or Decrytpting P2P App And remember as far as Linux goes I am pretty...
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    Help with Mplayer for Linux

    Thanks NetRyder, I have used VLC in windows and did not realize they had a linux port will definately try it.
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    'Boot Magic' and Windows

    First off there is only one MBR per physical drive and that is where Bootmagic will go. Where you install I don't think really matters as the program operates off the MBR not through the OS's. Also Partition Magic even suggests creating a FAT32 partition just for boot magic. Hope some of this...
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    Help with Mplayer for Linux

    Yes they are RPMs, but still no luck even getting Lame to install. Think I might check out Xine instead. Any tips there on getting that installed?
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    Help with Mplayer for Linux

    Just loaded up Fedora Core yesterday and I am a major n00b with linux so bear with me here. Trying to install mplayer and having a heck of a time. First it errored out saying I needed "libmp3lame" so I figured out that I needed to install Lame. I tried but all that does is error out on me saying...
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    How do I create a 3rd partition?

    Thanks Jewelzz... I'll check it out.
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    How do I create a 3rd partition?

    I have a Maxtor 250GB drive with 2 partitions and would like to create a 3rd for other OS's. Is there any way to do that without losing data? Is there a program out there that will do it?
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    Private P2P program?

    Perfect... Thanx....
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    Private P2P program?

    I remember seeing a freeware program for setting up a private P2P, but for the life of me, cannot remember it's name. Any help?
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    Any way to check ISO integrity?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I mounted the ISO's in nero image drive and they all worked perfectly. So either my drive needs a good cleaning, firmware update or a replacement :( Thanks for all the help.
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    IDE ZIP 100 Drive Problems!

    For those older ZIP100 drives they should be set to "NONE" in your bios drive configuration page. What is yours set at?
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    Any way to check ISO integrity?

    I need to determine whether my drive is going bad or if I have several bad ISO's. I get unrecovered read errors, cyclic redundancy errors and catastophic failures on several ISO's i've burned. I have used Nero6 and Roxio6 and both burns give errors. My drive is a Lite-On 48x CDRW. Any help...
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    Its Like A New Site

    Yeah, a good idea. I had no idea anything was wrong till I tried to login and even sent an e-mail off to EP before I read the forums. Just a blurb on the front page would be great...
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    Check out very cool interface and some great images...!
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    Great free software

    Sourceforge is one of my favorites. Also for the videophiles....