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Just loaded up Fedora Core yesterday and I am a major n00b with linux so bear with me here. Trying to install mplayer and having a heck of a time. First it errored out saying I needed "libmp3lame" so I figured out that I needed to install Lame. I tried but all that does is error out on me saying it can't create directory.
So any help would be apprieciated.


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Are you installing from source?

You might to have a go with RPM's first if you really dont know what you are doing, they should automatically fix depencies (I think, its been awhile since I've used an RPM distro).

Anyhoo, I prefer Xine with GZine since it incorporates plugins for Mozilla/Firebird.


NTFS Member...Again..
Yes they are RPMs, but still no luck even getting Lame to install. Think I might check out Xine instead. Any tips there on getting that installed?

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