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    Happy Birthday Henyman

    Happy Birthday Heny :)
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    If you get vista, when will you get it?

    I'm running RTM.
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    If you get vista, when will you get it?

    I already run Vista, added the poll option.
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    Xubuntu - any users, feedback?

    Hey MFG. Xubuntu would be well suited to an old box but if your trying to win someone over to Linux it's not going to be the best suited to convince them, the xfce environment is basic in comparison to gnome or kde and lacks those nice little features that would be really valuable to a new...
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    Change XP Product Key
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    Firefox 1.0.7 in Ubuntu

    You won't get Firefox 1.5 via the repositories. If you are having trouble with the manual process some deb packages are around. Did you try the package tool from the Wiki?
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    Kaspersky problems..

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    Heny's secret lover

    It's actually not a mod for once...
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    Break down the UK party system for me

    Explanations of the election system, the parties, the candidates etc can be found on Wikipedia at
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    Happy Birthday NetRyder

    Happy Birthday Net :)
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    Tiger: What works, What doesn't?

    PGP 8.1 does not fully work. PGP 9 Beta does (and it is awesome!)
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    Apple Store, Birmingham

    :o Shall check it out next weekend maybe. When are you going to come and *try* to convert me?
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    OSNN Jabber conference room!

    whoooop oooo whooooop yeah!
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    OSNN Jabber conference room!

    Oh noes!
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    Hey Egghead! Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday egg