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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    Anyone tried the Opera mini-browser on the i-mate k-jam (WM5) instead of IE (posted on front page)? is it worth the change? IE works fine form me at the moment. Cheers, Elroy
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    Re: Molile outlook with desktop sync we have a spam filter on the server level, and i still get around 30 smap/day although stat say it filters out 95% of junk mail - imagine the amount...... we will be getting an exchange server here in the next 6 month or so, so I guess until then i have to...
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    Re: Molile outlook with desktop sync Thank you, kcnychief. we are running a unix-pases mail server - so no hope in hell, I guess. I actually save my mail in the "sent mail" folder on WM5, but I also cc myself on all email that I need to keep track of. Thanks for the reminder, though. it is...
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    Molile outlook with desktop sync Hi Everyone I have a windown mobile 5.0 powered device running outlook 2003 on both my desktop and my mobile device. I syncronise between the two and have a folder called outlook e-mail on my mobile device that contains all emails from the past 7 days...
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    First Release Candidate Of Firefox 2 RC1

    officially out now any feedback on stability so far?
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    weired USB2 problem

    well, not really, unfortunately. Anyone else have an idea?
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    weired USB2 problem

    thanks, zeke_mo. I've installed the chipset driver, and will report back if it worked!
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    weired USB2 problem

    If I plug any USB drive (memory stick) into the port after booting up, the drive will not be recognised as such (but the OS (XPSP2, all patches) recognises something in the usb port). If I boot up with the drive in the port, the i can pull it out and plug it back in as often as i want, and it...
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    Browser based email client

    something like this? but not free!
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    mov 2 mpg converter

    Thanks, NetRyder, that works a treat. Just what I ewas looking for. There is a reason why I keep coming back to this forum! Coverting at the moment. Cheers, EJ
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    mov 2 mpg converter

    Hi girls and guys I am looking for a free, simple mov 2 mpg converter, so that I can more easily link the vidoes I have in a powerpoint presentation (mov always open in an external palyer). Any suggestions? Thanks, EJ
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    Firefox 1.0.1 Released

    Re: Firefox 1.0.1 candidate build actually, ie does not have a function like this, it is the internet options you can set for windows that let u set different proxies. ie just uses whatever you have set in the internet option, and itself has no capability of overriging the proxy setting. in...
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    ternary phase diagram software

    there is a great free program called triplot for windows, but the web page is not functioning anymore. it is in version 4.02 at the moment. try a google search for it. also have a look here. if you cannot find something, pm...
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    Import Thunderbird messages into OutlookExpress

    try eudora ( I love it!
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    Toyota MR2 Turbo T-Bar

    17 hrs to go, no bids so far. I wonder why ...