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    Am i using Dual Channel?

    i agree to d/l the free program cpu-z. i have 8gb of memory also and when you open it..go to the "memory" tab and look for "dual." i have a 1066fsb(qx6700 quad) and have my memory running at 333mhz. are you saying my memory would be better at 266mhz timings instead?
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    Forgot Windows Vista Password

    ^^i think vista does disable that "Administrator" account. well, hopefully because if not ill have to do it myself for security.
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    Explorer.exe slow to open after IE8 Update?

    lol, i had that issue took like 15 seconds to open a new tab. ridicoulous. im waiting for IE9 to update my browser. i have a quad core processor and 8gb ram. i expect things to be fast.
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    Explorer.exe slow to open after IE8 Update?

    yes, i had same issue w/ my system. we have the same x64 and i have quad core processor. i uninstalled it and went back to ie7!!
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    Visa Bus x64, WINSXS, Low disk space?

    You could expand your boot partition w/ space from your other partition w/ the following program but its not free with our vista x64: this is a great program though because vista disk management wont let you expand that boot...
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    <windows root>\system32\hal.dll file is corrupt or missing

    i did read it and all i see is general statements like "i tried to copy or expand the file but didnt work." i could probably be of more help if i could get exact commands that were entered. ive repaired a laptop recently w/ this same error, w/o spending hardly any time on it.
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    <windows root>\system32\hal.dll file is corrupt or missing

    well, follow this link( and when you get to step 6, do the following command: copy x:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\ (where x is your cd drive letter of where your xp cd is in and c is your hdd)
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    <windows root>\system32\hal.dll file is corrupt or missing

    my friend gave me his girlfriends dell laptop to fix several months back that had this same error. Just to explain what was happening after the bios logo passed, it would go right to a black screen with that error message on top saying hal.dll file is corrupt or missing. i was able to fix it and...
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    Home n/w Sharing printer ?

    thx! ill pick up a linksys print server!!!
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    Home n/w Sharing printer ?

    hi all. i setup my win xp home desktop(1) to share a printer for my home n/w.(wep enabled) i also have another win xp pro desktop(2) and a win vista laptop(3). i AM able to print to that printer ONLY when the desktop(1) is on. is that how its supposed to be? Ex Im on laptop in my living room...
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    How to use wireless access to connect to another computer?

    if i read that correctly. the router itself has to have the wireless capability so that your laptop could access the internet. sounds like your desktop has ethernet from modem to router to desktop. it doesnt need wireless card.
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    Is there anyway to prevent form auto completion?

    for the IE browser: Tools, Internet options, content tab, autocomplete settings, uncheck all. also dont 4get to delete all history and saved passwds. you mightve known this info already but just thought id help just in case.
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    Wireless Router Issues

    hehe, i had to change the channel on my linksys modem/router like 3 times before my 2 wireless pcs would pick up the signal every time. all has been great for wks!! my brother has a belkin router, in which he only uses for ps2, but it works great. hope you get yours working bud!
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    i need an image accelerator?!

    i just got cable internet and now some of the images im used to seeing on web pages are no longer appearing. it was the same way before i installed the earthlink accelerator when i had dialup. that accelerator really helped out. does any1 know of a good free or cheap internet accelerator for...
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    Norton Internet Security 2005 Blocks Microsoft Outlook

    you may have to do what was mentioned above. hehe, i work at comcast. another option: if you double-click NIS in system tray and go to Personal Firewall, Configure....see if outlook is mentioned and that it IS permitting Outlook to work.