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    How do i print screen in Windows 7 on Mac running bootcamp?

    You should consider a keymapping program. Future proof it by finding one with a macro-ability.
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    Ordered an XPS 8300, Out of the loop on video cards

    Thanks, I'm going to look in to all these suggestions. Man, it's been a while! I forgot about NewEgg entirely!
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    Ordered an XPS 8300, Out of the loop on video cards

    What video card should I get? I haven't been keeping up on processors or video cards since ATI Radeon 9800XT was THE card to get. I'm looking to dive in to gaming again. Recently been on a Macbook Pro. I own a few games already (older): - Starcraft 2 - Diablo 2/LOD - Lego World Online (or...
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    1password who uses it?

    You can save or backup the 1Password file on Dropbox, another server/e-mail even, and support it that way. I use 1Password and would never go back -- except for the fact that I'm moving off of Mac and going back to Windows.
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    resx error? visual basic

    Error 1 Invalid Resx file. Could not find file '...~\My Project\Resources.resx'. ...~\My Project\Resources.resx Sailboat Charter Agency I renamed a background image file, and this error happened. I named it back to the original name but it wasn't fixed. I tried re-adding the file and then it...
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    Xbox 360 + Airport Extreme (Network Connection)

    Sometimes my xbox connects automatically, most of the time it doesnt. I have set it to Automatically login and go Online. Part of the time I can goto "Configure Network" and have it Scan Networks and then it says it's connected. What's wrong here? Why isn't it automatically scanning...
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    best programs for android?

    Barcode Scanner for price hunting, Astrid (syncs with Remember The Milk online), Ringdroid for mp3 editing to ring tones
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    Aion: Tower of Eternity

    Anyone still playing this game? I heard people over 3 months can throw out invites. If anyone minds, can I get an invite? I'm thinking about investing in it. I loved Lineage II, and from Prelude to Chronicle III I got to level 52. I don't know if that means anything to anyone, but it's a...
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    Need help identifying old toy's name or brand

    I don't have it with me, but I can hopefully describe enough of it to you guys to help me figure out what it was called. I tried Googling, but it hasn't helped. Clear or Blue spheres with octagon connections, all equally 90 degrees a part from each other. As in, top, bottom, and 4 around the...
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    Trouble with Firefox

    No problems here. Do you have add-ons/plug-ins running?
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    Are You Getting Snow Leopard?

    My Macbook Pro will benefit from the speed and free'd space, and for only $10, i'm In for 1!
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    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    I think I'll pass. I'm really only looking forward to Diablo III and Mass Effect 2, which are on PC/Mac and Xbox 360.
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    Firewire 800 devices? Other than Harddrives

    I've sorta been looking around, finding a purpose for my Macbook Pro's FW800 port... All I see are hard drives. Is there anything else?
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    Growl and Adium?

    I use it, I like it a lot. You can customize notifications in a variety of ways. Install it, check it out, it doesn't hurt anything and you can uninstall easily.
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    Hack 'n Slash games?

    Alright LordOfLA. Bring on the list! :)