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Ordered an XPS 8300, Out of the loop on video cards

What video card should I get? I haven't been keeping up on processors or video cards since ATI Radeon 9800XT was THE card to get.

I'm looking to dive in to gaming again. Recently been on a Macbook Pro.

I own a few games already (older):
- Starcraft 2
- Diablo 2/LOD
- Lego World Online (or something, it's my son's game)
- A few shooters, etc.

Planning on getting a few new games though.
- Dungeon Siege III
- Battle Field 3

I want no issues with ghosting, I want to run everything on ULTRA HIGH 1680x1200.

I have about $200.

Now, I know I am contradicting myself here. Price cap with requirements of Ultra High, but I want the best for the money. I'm willing to spend more if the performance boost is worth the delta.
Check the Tom's Hardware site Charts section for comparative benchmark results. As always with Tom's, look at the pcitures (charts) and ignore their recomendations.

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