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    best wireless carrier (USA)

    Yeah...had a thread like this a few months ago. Went with Verison....something like 800 minutes per month for $50, plus free useage when talking to other verizon "in network" users. My g/f has the same plan so it's free when we talk to each other. Really have not had many problems with...
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    the Vice president Debate

    cheney looked bored/complacent, resting his chin on his hands... cheney looked almost as bad as bush....well...not nearly as bad as bush, but edwards clearly presented himself and his platform much better. Kerry/Edwards in '04.
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    Ideas for birthday present...

    Maybe take him to a strip club? Couple of lap dances? Something along the lines of a "happy ending"? Look here:
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    [Movie Review] AvP - Aliens v/s Predators

    On a pure entertainment level....I thought the movie was pretty damn fun. Story kinda sucked...but the graphics/effects were pretty seamless 95% of the time. If you cant get behind a fight behind an alien and a predator...well....maybe JarJar Binks is right up your alley. :) 3.5...
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    The Sicilian

    I read the book a long, long time ago. I loved the book, but at the time I dont recall it really being related to the GodFather Series. (That was a really long time ago though). Was always hoping it would be a enders game.
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    Simpsons Trivia

    Damn Ketchup....those are tough. gotta do some thinking
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    Simpsons Trivia

    ok...What was the name of the "Barbie" like doll that Lisa helped design? What was the name of Monty Burns' Teddy Bear? What was Homer's job at the miniature putting place? At the chili cook-off, what did Homer drink that would allow him to eat those super hot peppers that were grown at...
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    Simpsons Trivia

    What comic book did Milhouse buy thousands of when he and Bart were running the comic book store? What happened to Ralph Wiggum's worm that was supposed to be dissected in school? What was on the back of Homer's bathing suit when he went to Mt. Splashmore?
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    Simpsons Trivia

    What was the name of Ned Flanders failed business? Which freezer door in apu's store leads to his rooftop garden?
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    m night shyamalan

    Sixth Sense was great. (although I was on ketamine at the time) Signs: Horrible movie The village: Looks good but if it sucks, he's done for.
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    Busshy Land

    Yeah....I'm #2 and not #3. Just kidding. Atleast it's popular.
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    Painful for both Bush and Kerry (Kind of funny)

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    Painful for both Bush and Kerry (Kind of funny)
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    Your cell phone company preference in the States?

    Thanks for the g/f uses Verizon and says that the coverage is great. I really need to get that $39.99 for 1000 anytime minutes. That's a really good deal. By the way...anyone know why he said that the rollover minutes is a "joke" or bad deal?
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    My PET PEEVE thread

    People that say "ain't", worsh instead of wash, and crick instead of creek. Slow drivers. People that say "Hot enough for ya?" Having to use dial-up connection at my girlfriends. The outrageous cost of college text books. More to come........