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    [Movie Review] Terminator Salvation

    Wow. I saw the movie last night and was very disappointed. It was much lighter on plot than any of the predecessors and I thought wasted some stellar actors. They eye candy was great, tho. I found myself thinking (more than once) ... oh, they're wasting time on this action scene ... I...
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    The day that changed my life forever, for the better

    Handsome feller! Congrats !!!
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    Fixed Private Message Spam

    Re: banned member sending PMs? Thanks EP. You want to see the sexy pic? It's not of me, I promise, OR a horse. *grinning madly*
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    Fixed Private Message Spam

    with shocking (shocking I tell you!) pornographic content! (Those boobs cannot be real!). :eek: Anyone "official" I should alert (ha ha, yeah, I know everyone who is anyone reads it here)? ... Any action, or just oogle and delete? *Hugs* to y'all!
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    Network cable unplugged/Unknown Internet Connection Sharing = LAN instability

    Network cable unplugged ; Nevermind I fixed it! Yay me :) Installed updated driver for device and voila ... all the badness I had created was wiped away. Drivers: needed for personality problems, too. :) So, here's the story ... Trying to burn a DVD directly from Adobe...
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    Customize Programs flyout 4 XP?

    Thanks AM ... that's what I was looking for. *fingers crossed* that I didn't misplace an application and can never find it again, but everything is now neatly in the all users\start menu and my programs fly-out is manageable!! Carpo, yeah, I had that ... what I wanted was to group my random...
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    Customize Programs flyout 4 XP?

    I searched, really I did! Saw lots of cool tips (thanks Perris) that are beyond my needs right now. My situation: Start > Programs > a mess My desire: Start > Programs > logical groupings for applications. I seem to remember in Win98 being able to create folders for the Programs flyout...
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    Got laid-off from work :(

    Cripes, I'm sorry, xie. I'm lookin for a job, too ... contract ended last Friday and it's not a lot of fun.
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    Happy Birthday to Me ...

    Yes, but it's matt's muffin, so don't poach. Thanks, Perris. It was a good day.
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    Happy Birthday Aprox!

    Many Happy Returns of the day!
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    Happy Birthday to Me ...

    Here, Matt ... speshuly fer yew:
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    Happy Birthday to Me ...

    matt, I'll trade ya.
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    Happy Birthday to Me ...

    I didn't MEAN to hide my birthday! I'll have go to unhide it ... then there's no excuse for not having a Big Party. Company is Success Factors. Totally inspirational. Might save me from the CCNA, which I'm currently pursuing.
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    Happy Birthday to Me ...

    since tdinc seems not to care <insert dramatic sigh> Anywhoo ... my contract is over, my 3rd to last class has begun, and summer is here. I'm studying for a CCNA. Oh, taking an improv class ... and sitting here nervously anticipating my first job interview in ages. Ack!