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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Stu, Jul 3, 2004.

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    Hi again everyone.

    Got my new toy today (a Belkin wireless router - F5D6231-4), set it all up as described above - no internet :-( I do need a ethernet conenction on the modem after all. I assumed that I would be able to set my PC up as the gateway for the laptop and my sister's computer to connect through and just use the router as a way of file sharing. That doesn't work so now I've got two choices:

    1. Find out if BT supply a ethernet modem (unlikely)

    2. Do without the laptop being connected to the network (looking more and more likely).

    Can anyone offer any workarounds that may work.

    For referance. My computer which is connected to the internet is Windows XP Home, my sister's computer is Windows XP Home and the laptop is Windows 98SE.

    Thanks a lot :)
  2. maggie

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    With a wireless router. Connect both computers to its LAN ports.
    Don't connect anything to its WAN (Internet) port. Disable the
    router's DHCP server so that it doesn't interfere with ICS. You will need two nics on the one computer that is hooked to the modem.
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    Why not just set the router up normally so that the router assigns each computer an ip address without having to mess with going through another computer? If all 3 have wireless cards, then take an ethernet cable from the modem to the router, and then from there to the computers? Unless you have dialup, at which point, I'm at a loss for words...
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    try using Belkin's networking wizard to help you with your issue. It might help
    you out with your problem.

    belkin network wizard help