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    Samurize has made its way onto many of the desktops in the monthly screenshots thread, so I think it would be great to have a thread that discusses the program and its abilities. I think that it's fitting in this section of the forums because of how it incorporates graphics and design to add to the look of your OS.

    This should be a thread that we can all learn from. I've been using Samurize for about 6 months, and I am still learning new ways to take advantage of it. Tutorials, tips, and questions in this thread can range from simple to complex, because I think we will have users of all different experience levels.

    Starting off, Samurize can be downloaded from here:
    Go get it if you don't have it already, and let's get started! :D
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    It's Raining in Baltimore...

    I'll start this off with a simple and popular script...

    There are several different weather scripts available, but one of the most updated (and my favorite) is DesktopWeatherXML. The script downloads two XML files and updates them regularly through without Samurize having to restart to update the script.

    You can get DesktopWeatherXML 1.4 here:

    Unzip the download and notice the directory structure in the zip file. The same directories exist in the Samurize folder under Program Files, so I wouldn't suggest replacing them. Instead, copy the contents of each folder into the corresponding folder in the Samurize directory.

    After you've copied all of the files over, go into the Scripts folder and open DesktopWeatherXML.vbs. I prefer to open the file with Wordpad to edit it, but you can use Notepad or Visual Basic if you prefer. You need to edit the setting for "const LOCID." To find what to enter there, go to The XXXXX should be replaced with the name of your city in the address bar. The page will load with a locid that looks something like this: "USTX1413," and that is what you put into the script. No other changes need to be made unless you want to change the unit of temperature measurement or the number of days in the forecast (5 days is default). However, if your Samurize directory resides somewhere besides C:\, then you need to change the directory path you see just below the settings mentioned above. Once those things are set, save and close the config.

    Alright, you are almost set to go. If your installation is on C:\, then you can skip this step altogether. If you had to change your directory structure in the script, then you will need to do the same in the Config file. Browse to the Configs folder and open DesktopWeatherXML.ini with Wordpad. Do a find for "C:\" and replace each instance with the drive letter that Samurize resides on. Save and close the file.

    Finally, browse to Skins\DesktopWeatherXML\fonts in the Samurize directory. Drag the two fonts into the Fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts) to install those fonts. You might already have them installed, but you need to do this just to make sure.

    That's it! Start Samurize and your weather config should load! If it doesn't, then right-click on the Samurize icon, choose Select Config file, and select the weather config.
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    A Free Config!

    When I was starting out I wanted a good completed config to get me going and help me understand how Samurize works. I have seen some requests for configs lately, so I found a good one that I actually used as a model for the one I'm using now. You can get it here:
    The link died and I don't have all of the original file. I have attached most of what was included, which should get you well underway to creating something similar to what is pictured. Continue reading below for instructions on how to get this config up and running.

    The config is made to look like the sidebar in Windows Longhorn. I attached an example of how it looks below (not my config). Features of this config are the time, date and uptime, an analog clock, program and favorites links, hard disk, cpu, memory, and network activity meters, a winamp plugin, and an image slideshow.

    To get this config going, unpack the contents of the compressed file into the corresponding folders of your Samurize directory. The ZIP file is structured much like your Samurize directory, but I don't recommend simply overwriting the old folders with the new ones. Instead, place the contents of each folder from the ZIP file into the corresponding folder in your Samurize directory.

    If your Samurize directory is not on C:\, then you will need to edit the config file located in the Config folder. Open the config file you want to use with Wordpad and do a search for "C:\," replacing it with the drive letter of your installation.

    If your Samurize directory is on C:\, then you can do all of the customization through the Samurize editor. With Samurize running, right-click the tray icon and select Edit Configfile. You will need to open the config file that you want to use (sidebar...). The design area is a grid of your desktop, and the config will display along the right-hand side of the desktop. The crucial parts of the config that need editing are the meters for your cpu and network card. Hit Tab until you select those meters, and then scroll down to the bottom of the Tools and Settings to the right of the grid. Under Perfmon Properties, hit the Change Counter button. What follows will be pretty self-explanatory. Basically, the path needs to be your computer name, and then whatever function that meter is supposed to handle.

    The other customizations that you will want to make can be done simply through the Tools and Settings. Just select the part of the config you want to edit, and then edit the properties there. Once you're done, save the changes and select the config for Samurize to load!

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    wow, some nice stuff here. Nice work dude!
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    This loks like a very interesting thread... I'll get to add a few things ... :)
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    Thanks Beginning, looking forward to it! :D
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    Here are the two background .png's I have on my latest SS... For a preview click the link in my sig... :)

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    What a great idea for a thread! I was thinking about using this in my latest desktop, thanks! :)
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    Thanks Beginning, those are excellent backgrounds! :D
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    i have a samurize question.... how can i add controls for foobar2000? Ive found tons of guides and scripts for winamp, but none for foobar. Are there commands built in foobar for play, pause, etc.?
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    Thanks guys... Hmm.. I'm in the dark with Foobar... Sorry.. :(
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    I guess I'll the Milk ones I made too... Enjoy!! :)

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    Well, if you checked around a bit, then there's a good possibility that nothing has been put together for that. You might put in a request on the Samurize forums and see if you get some kind of response. Hopefully someone can help you out with that. :)
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    Thanks for the Milk backgrounds, Beginning. I replaced the background I was using and moved things around a bit. I like it much better now!
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    MuziKool - Thanks man! .... I hope I'm not going about this the wrong way.. This is kinda what you meant right? :) By contributing to the Samurize cause..
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    Absolutely! My hope is to eventually have many members contributing to this thread with whatever their strengths may be when it comes to using the program. You are obviously very talented when it comes to graphic design, and so your contributions are great since the appearance of the configs is just about as important as what the configs can do.

    For now, my contributions will probably only be useful for newbies of the program, since I'm not great at making graphics or writing scripts. But like I said, eventually it would be great to have many contributors with all different experience levels and talents so that this will turn out to be a really useful thread. :)
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    :) Alrighty then.. :)
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    i found what i needed, duh, its the path of foobar, then /play , /pause , /next , /stop, etc to link to the respective functions. I was using $play for some reason.
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    Great, glad you figured it out. :) If it's not too much trouble, could you post more detail on how you did it, in case others want to implement foobar into their configs?
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    My first time really modifying the windows shell, turned out not too bad. I was aiming for something Macish but still allow Windows users to use my machine easily. Enjoy!

    [files used]
    Y'z Dock (auto hides)
    Y'z Toolbar
    Jaguar Brushed Blue (one of Iceman's, used styleXP)
    Tweaked System Files (Iceman's)
    OSX Icon Set (Iceman's)
    XP-iCandy Icons
    Misc Icons from deviantART
    TiG4's Xplore 1.0