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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by l2pc-hack, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. l2pc-hack

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    i have a problem, i installed a new ti4600 last nite, i am running amd 950 abit with 512 mb ram, i can only get 258 score on bench mark, this doesnt seem right, do i need to reinstall 4in1 drivers, flash bios or what. i was expecting a lot better


    i would probably say just reinstall the drives and if that doesnt work then i dont no just the little information i can give you that i no :)
  3. Bman

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    flash the bios, worked for a friend of mine, as well reinstall the drivers!
  4. l2pc-hack

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    i have tried several of the lastest drivers, last was 29.42, doesnt seem to matter, stays approx the same, give or take 5
  5. l2pc-hack

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    i have a new hard drive coming tomorrow, was planing on reformatting, but was excited about new vid card, guess i should have waited, lol, we will see what happens after new hard drive, thanks for all the ideas
  6. l2pc-hack

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    thx catch
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    umm with all do respect where did you get your info??????
    you DONOT have to reinstall windows to upgrade video cards, ive gone from gf2 to gf3 to gf4, easy. chances are the mobo he has will not support gf4 without update..............;)
  8. l2pc-hack

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    you mean a Abit KT7A - AMD Socket A - SDRAM - VIA Chipset (KT133A) won't run a ti4600???????? that really surprises me again
  9. Electronic Punk

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    Which benchmark ?
  10. l2pc-hack

    l2pc-hack Guest

    xp video card benchmark
  11. Gary Pandher

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    run 3d mark 2001 se and tell us wat scores u get on that
    then we'll c
  12. BOBbagels

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    I aint doubting anything anyone is saying,
    But (always a but eh? LOL)
    I upgraded from a Gforce3 (original card) to a GF4 Ti4600 without a hitch. It was quick and painless.

    The main thing with dets is uninstalling old drivers (totally) first, then installing new.
    I even get rid of the old reg entries and do a search for NV*.* and get rid of whatever shows up.

    I have never had to format for this.

    Just thought I,de add my 2 cents
  13. dejav00

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    I re-format after everything, and every 3 weeks atleast, Windows definitely isn't perfect, you would be shocked at the speed after 6 months of no format, and a fresh format, or even 3 weeks vs 6 months...
  14. ThePunkerGuy

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    Well.. i dunno about any xp vid card benchmark test.. use 3D Mark 2001 and tell us what happens.. that way more ppl can understand what kind of performance problem you are having.
    - Mike
  15. Zer0_[X]

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    ummm psycho :eek:
    im not sure if its realllllly necessary to reformat so regularly as that !

    u can upgrade a vid card easily, and bout wat u said about incorrect driver versions.. before u chuck ur card in, set ur display adapter to something like "VGA Display Adapter" in device manager and then shut down to put ur card in...
  16. dejav00

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    Uhmm, yeah...you can do that if you want, I prefer to have Windows working as flawlessly as possible, meaning re-formatting after every hardware change, and every 3 weeks, or sooner if it gets buggy before that.
  17. Shamus MacNoob

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    I have to laugh format for a video card, I have used and in this order ATI 8mb was part of motherboard..... changed for TNTriva 16mb, .......... went to a voodoo 32mb ...........and now using a radeon 64mb .......... and did not have to format ....... I mean to each his own but telling a guy to format for a vid card is just a little to extreme really ............
  18. BugOuT

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    especially in a 3 week timeframe. :eek:
  19. dejav00

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    We did not tell him to re-format, we said we would have done that in the same situation, and if you have a problem with me re-formatting every 3 weeks, then go ahead and laugh, just because I want the best experience possible every second I'm using my computer, rather than waiting 15 seconds for IE to load, cause honestly I don't care, if you don't think you need it, then maybe you don't, or maybe you can't tell the difference.

    Also, Kermit, 3DMark your system as it is with 4 Graphics card changes on one install of XP, run 3DMark 10 times, average the scores, then re-format and re-install XP, do it again, I guarantee you that there will be an improvement.
  20. ThePunkerGuy

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    Well, it is a fact that you can install a new video card just fine without reformating. Maybe you just did it wrong.. first.. go uninstall the old card in the device manager, then delete any of the driver's files that are scattered around the computer. Then turn off the computer and put in the new card and install the new driver.. there is no performance loss between doing it that way and formatting.. formatting is totally uneeded.
    - Mike