Maxtor vs Segate vs IBM

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Leo154, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Leo154

    Leo154 Guest

    Three drives all 80 gb, 7200rpm.. 133ATA or 100 doesnt make a difference.. my mobo is 100 anyways...

    Which one regardless of price?? (no one mention the wd 8mb cache)
  2. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    (Why not WD?)
    Seagate is very silent and cool.
    Maxtor I never used.
    I've had really bad experiences with IBM. Also they usually get very hot.
  3. Jmtyra

    Jmtyra Guest

    WD (not a choice i know)

    Maxtor-heard good things...
    Segate-Good business (almost as good as WD) :p
  4. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator


    All the Western Digital Drives I had, each and every single one, died. So as for Western Digital- Nope

    Maxtor- I had one Maxtor, it worked for 3 years, then dropped dead instantly. Didn't show any signs of dying, what so ever. Just died.

    Seagate- The newer models are very quiet, dont get hot, and work nice, I had a new rig, with a new 100GB Seagate model, burn in for a friend, for 1 week. It's an awsome drive.

    IBM- The older models suck. HOWEVER, the newer, 120GXP series, are all really good drives.

    I run one 120GB 120GXP IBM drive, and my mother same one. I never had an error with this drive. It never makes noise. It get's warm, which is why I cool it, and it stays nice that way.

    I trust this drive, and I reccomend getting either Seagate, or IBM 120GXP or above series
  5. Jmtyra

    Jmtyra Guest

    I can't disagree with my SU friend Nick, so I will change my vote to Seagate, or IBM. :p

    (SU=Spammers Union)
  6. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    :blink: Call me Nick, not Nick-SU, lol that sounds...very...asian. Could be Nick-San then lol. When did I join a union LOL?
  7. Tinker

    Tinker Guest

    I use Maxtor.. Out of 15 or so drives 2 have died over the last 3 years. One was still under warranty and was replaced no problem, the other was just out of warranty so I had to replace that one..

    I just bought an 80 Gig Maxtor with 8 meg cache and after just one week it is doing a great job....

  8. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    IBM Deskstar 180GXP :blink: ;)
  9. Luna64

    Luna64 Guest

    I love my IBM 120GXP 120GB :-D

    No problems with it yet, very good drive.

    I also just got a 120GB Maxtor which seems to be doing just fine.

    WD is good but that does not seem to be an option :p
  10. Leo154

    Leo154 Guest

    Gonna go for the Segate.. on toms hardware it says it has constant speed even in the last third of the drive!! TITS!!
  11. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    No probs with my Western Digital. :confused:
  12. NetRyder

    NetRyder Tech Junkie Folding Team

    New York City
    Using a Seagate here ... nice and reliable.
  13. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    New IBM series rock :)
  14. Jmtyra

    Jmtyra Guest

    It was by default but you don't have to.

    no SU Nick? Ok, done! Just Nick then. Spammers Union Nick takes too long to type anyways.

    asian, eh?.....ok i guess......hum.....:eek:
  15. philkf

    philkf Guest

    i read the forums and bought a ibm 80gb hd as people recomended, it was the biggest load of trash i ever had.
    i now have a maxtor and it rocks i will stick to maxtor drives (or quantum had one for 4 years still good) so my advice is buy it local whichever one you get so if it does go pear shape you can take it back and get a diffrent brand.
  16. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    what was wrong with the ibm? and which series was it? i'm sure i'm not the only one curious...
  17. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    What he said. :D
  18. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator


    Which model did you get?

    We tell you to get the new ones...
  19. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    have an IBM(almost 4 years old) and a Maxtor(3 years old) i work these puppies hard without a prob
  20. Leo154

    Leo154 Guest

    yeah thanx you guys... concerning the original topic, i bought a segate 80G and i'm loving it... works great...

    the reason i chose this was that it speed doesnt fall below 23mb/s even when the medium is more than 75% full...

    and its really fast with only 30GB used right now..