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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by surfjok2000, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. surfjok2000

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    I recently installed Easy CD Creator 5.02 (build 314) on my Windows XP Home Edition PC (without Take Two), did not reboot, applied the xp_up_platinum.exe patch from Roxio, rebooted and Voila. Everything works, even directCD. I did not upgrade using the 5.02b patch, because I think I have the latest build (314), so it appears Roxio have sorted out their problems.
  2. Akash

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    I dont know about DirectCD as it never has appealed to me however adaptec easycd itself installs fine on my machine with the xp patch.

    Problem was that there are a few glitches at times.

    I use Nero most of the time... was annoyed because installing adaptec easycd5 has managed to disable the windows explorer integration cdwriting.
  3. PJC

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    Can you download these files from anywhere but roxio's site as I can not get the download page to load ?:confused:
  4. Akash

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  5. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK

    A m8 told me he got ez cd creator working on XP no probs... never beleived him... now i c it's possible :)

    L33T working m8 :)

  6. PJC

    PJC Guest

    Thanks akash
    but these are the links I am trying
    I get a cannot find server error in IE are the files on any other download sites?
  7. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    hmmm they were ok for me
    tell you what... i'll download them and upload them to some freespace i got hanging about

    will post the links as soon as im done (am on a dialup so may take a little while)
  8. 3ABXO3

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    always worked on my xp...

    but anyways, i don't use it anymore, since it adds extra base when burning music cds
  9. PJC

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    Akash many thanks for your kind offer but the links now seem to be working for me ( on about the 50th try) and i am downloading them as i write this.

  10. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    lol ok no probs :)
    i was just uploading them :)

    Glad it works... i downloaded one file that i didnt have and that you may have wanted... xpsafe.exe... when iw ent there.. it was extremly slow so i guess the problems you were having were related to overloaded servers their end.

    Enjoy burning
  11. PJC

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    I just had alook to see what XPsafe was for and it turns out I dont need it as I am installing in XP.
    The roxio site seems much faster this morning maybe it was just busy.
  12. azlan

    azlan Guest

    After few times reinstall and patching EZCD and wasted few cd-r's for test burn, I still got the old problem, EZCD just stops writing at 3-10% of the burn process. WWWWHHHHYYYYYYY????:(
  13. ViCiOuS

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    i'm running adaptec (roxio) easy cd creator 5 (basic) and also running windows xp - the corporate edition

    i downloaded the xp_up_basic patch and when i tried to install it....it says that roxio easy cd creator 5 is not found on your system!!!!!

    i dont understand the problem. its right in my program files folder!!!

    i also tried to apply the xp_up_platinum patch in case i was mistake of my version but that didnt work either.


  14. azlan

    azlan Guest

    From Roxio dissussion board

    > I've been having a problem installing the update patches, where the patch
    > would tell me that it could not find a valid roxio product ( for the 502b
    > update ) and that Roxio Easy Cd Creator was not installed ( the
    > XP_UP_Platinum.exe).
    > I was frustrated to no end.
    > I decided to call support, and after waiting on hold for 30 Minutes, they
    > gave me the information necessary which corrected the problem.
    > 1. From the control panel, go to Add/Remove Programs and remove Easy CD
    > Creator 5.0 Platinum. He said it may ask for the installation CD, however
    > in my case it did not.
    > 2. Bring up "My Computer" and go into the Program Files folder. Look for a
    > folder named "Adaptec". If it exists, remove it. Then go into the Common
    > Files folder ( Also under Program Files ) and delete the folder called
    > "Adaptec Shared"
    > 3. Start the registry Editor. ( Click Start Then Run Then type REGEDIT and
    > click OK) Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, then expand the "software"
    > folder within it. Look for an Adaptec folder. If it exists, delete it. Now
    > go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and do the same thing. (Expand the
    > SOFTWARE folder and look for an Adaptec folder, delete if it exists)
    > 4. Insert the Installation CD and install the product. If it tells you that
    > Direct CD does not support your burner, just tell it to install anyway.
    > After installation, when it askes you to reboot click NO.
    > 5. Run the ecdc_v502b_up.exe patch. At this point I was thinking to myself
    > that it was not going to work. I was shocked when it actually ran DUH! It's
    > so simple. Click the migrate button to apply it. If you've gotten to this
    > point and the patch ran, then odds are everything will be OK, otherwise I
    > don't know what to tell you.
    > 6. Reboot the machine. According to the support guy, the machine should
    > boot up fine. If you machine boots up ok, then proceed to step 7. If your
    > machine seems to hang on the Windows XP bootup screen (The one with the
    > moving green bar) then you will need to power down your machine, and reboot.
    > Upon rebooting, you should get the maintenance menu. You want to boot into
    > "Safe Mode", which is the first option in the list.
    > 7. Run the XP_up_platinum.exe. Click the migrate tab to install. Then
    > reboot your machine.
    > 8. You computer should boot up without problems ( even if you had to apply
    > #7 in safe mode).
    > I hope this helps those of you with the same problem which has caused grey
    > hairs to sprout on my head where I had previously pulled the old ones out
    > over this issue.
  15. JimGarb

    JimGarb Guest

    I got the same thing. And I tried every step. OOOOHHHH!!! I'll never get this working!!!!:mad:
  16. ViCiOuS

    ViCiOuS Guest

    still no success

    As i said before the update patches say that it can't find ez cd creator on my system even though its in my program files folder

    i would try the uninstall thing but i dont have the installation cd...the adaptec/roxio program came with my computer so there's nothing i can do about it.

    is there any solution to this madness?!?


    p.s: any input will be helpful

    is anyone else having these problems or is it just me???

    thanks again
  17. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    anyone tried the 5.02c or whatever it is
    latest patch from roxio

    whats it about? like what fixes does it have
  18. blinky

    blinky Guest

    I had the same problems with easy cd creator under XP, but I finally got it to work. Here's what worked for me: I did a clean install of ecdc platinum. Then I selected the project selector from the startmenu and started ecdc creator. Then I immediatly closed it. When I tried to update to 5.02b it suddenly found ecdc on my disk. When i didnt startup ecdc creator, before updating to 5.02b I also got the message : no valid roxio product exists. Maybe this works for you to!!