dsl vs. cable

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kush, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Kush

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    What are the advantages of dsl over cable and the advantages of cable over dsl? (speed,security,(price cable is cheaper most of the time)etc...)
  2. Pastorn

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    Cable can handle a much larger bandwidth than xDSL, it's only the ISP that sets the limit. xDSL is limited to 38 Mbps downstream and 8Mbps upstream but cable has no direct practical limit. Here in Sweden we have something called "Hipnet" provided by Telia Networks, it has the cute little bandwidth of 65 Gbps, yes you read it right (Out of this the enduser gets 1Mbps/128kbps just beacuse Telia are some greedy bastards).
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    One thing to add is that I belive with dsl, as it uses your existing phone line, you have to get filters for each phone jack unless there is a splitter, if you want to still plug regular phones into that line. A way around that is to use/get a second line dedicated to DSL, or I believe that getting something like digital broadband phone from AT&T would work in those jacks. Either way, you're talking about more money. And If I remember correctly, filters cost anywhere from about $5-$20 a piece.

    And, like you mentioned DSL generally costs more than cable. In my area, a 1.5Mbps/128kbps connection with cable costs about $40 a month as opposed to the same speed DSL which costs around $80.

    If you want to read more about this try this link: http://www.2wire.com/support/tech_sup_dslfilt_faq.html
    It's a pretty good faq, even though it's pushing 2wire brand.
  5. dijital

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    i think there is on key point you guys are missing:

    with dsl, its a dedicated connection to you (the subscriber)

    where as with cable, its shared among a network of anyone else in your neighborhood that may be used it also.

    i'm in no way recommending dsl over cable, just pointing something out.
  6. yellotang

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    My father has dsl and so does my brother and they have to share thier band width with neighbors to them. The ISP chops up the community in blocks and they have to share it amoung whoever is on that block.
  7. [CpK]Bastid

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    doesnt dsl have steadier bandwith
    cable fluctuates but higher bandwith
  8. yellotang

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    My bandwidth, Cable is allot steadier then my fathers which fluctuats incrediable amount. Sometimes dialup is almost faster for him then DSL and then other days hes clocking speeds that are shockingly fast. But then again hes on a neighbor hood/server type set up.
  9. thewraith

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    Not true. It runs over the existing phone line. That's one of the selling points. DSL uses the upper spectrum of the existing copper that is unused by voice communications. Only one phone line is needed.

    Quote strait from Qwest Telephone's DSL page (http://www.qwest.com/residential/products/dsl/index.html):

    "Talk on the phone and surf the Internet at the same time. No need to purchase an additional telephone line."

    At least that's how mine works, anyway.
  10. Iceman

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    I have Qwest DSL as well uses my house's existing phone line, didn't have to get another one.

  11. yellotang

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    2 phonelines?
    Are you sure your talking to the right people?
    DSL uses the existing wires in the house unless your phone lines are completely screwed up which causes you to have to install another line.
  12. jpoid1982

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    Just get cable if it is available in your area. Its faster and cheaper. There isn't much of a decision to be made, but that's just my opinion.
  13. w0lv3rin3

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    if u get a dec.. DSL line its faster then broadband
  14. JJB6486

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    It may be that the lines in you house are old. We got cable because the DSL wanted the phone comany to replace all the cables from the pole to the box (which is like a $150 service call, plus parts and labor), and then have us replace the lines from the box to the jack the modem would go into because our phone cables are almost 50 years old.

  15. yellotang

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    Do what??? Thats like saying, Get a "Ford Mustang", thats faster then a car!
  16. Timeo27

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    And I believe that most of the time, DSL is tiered pricing. In my area for instance, 1500/128 DSL cost $80/month, while the same cable speed (not tiered pricing) costs about $45/month if you rent the modem.

    And not to offend you, w0lv3rin3, but both DSL and cable are referred to as broadband, along with satellite, wireless, and anything else out there that offers "higher bandwidth."
  17. Jz1397-5

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    cable, just not comcast
  18. Sazar

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    to an extent I Agree with you catch23 in that you may be required to buy a second line to run DSL through it...

    however in my area they run it through the exisitng one...

    thing is as digital or whoever was pointing out... they do use a different spectrum therefore you CAN use dsl while on the phone...

    I have cable and I get the same bandwidth as people with dsl who pay 2-3 times as much as me and THATS one of the big advantages...

    also when I got cable for the first time 2 years ago I was getting 100-200 kbps regularly and peaked in the evening around 800kbps...

    NOW I am running between 500-700 kbps all the time... and peaking... hm... I think my best was 8.5 mbps... with an average of 3.2 mbps dling from the IGN server...

    for me thats plenty fast enough and i am paying around 36 dollars (split 3 ways) for my cable...

    I can live with that :)
  19. blinden

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    The only way you would have to get a new phone line that I see would be if you were getting your DSL through a phone company that you didn't use for local calling and they insisted on you having their line in your house, but it's not at all neccissary, I have had 2 DSL providers, both of them use the same phone line provided through Verizon local. I like the DSL service I have now for one reason, you get a static IP, and they don't block any incomming port requests like some cable companies do so you can't host certain things off your computer (as easily). I get a steady 100kbps downstream after overhead, that never changes, no matter time of day or any other factors, I'm happy to pay the extra $10/month for these reasons
  20. fubar121

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    I agree that cable is faster.... Unlees alot of people in your area have it. I went from 2mps download to 45 kps max. mind you I was the first person in my area to have cable modem. then 8 months later bam 45 kps yuck.... So now I have DSL and am happy with 150 kbs. untill I find something faster.