Disable and NIC from the command line

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MartinC, Jan 10, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me if there'e some way to disable a network device from the Windows XP command line prompt.

    I need to diable the second NIC on a group of PC's and would prefer not to have to use device manager on each machine.


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    sure there is, its called "group policies", but its not done from the command line. Im pretty sure it would be alot easier for you to walk over and disable them. Otherwise the answer to yoru question is no.
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    Another method you might consider is to put the network device's connection icon in the taskbar. Then you can right-click it and disable the connection easily. You can also put a Quick Launch to turn it back on quickly.

    In Network Connections, right click the connection that the device uses. Go into Properties and Select the "Show icon..." checkbox.

    After that you can do another right-click and "Create Shortcut", then move that shortcut to the Quick Launch area.

    This doesn't actually disable the device itself, but it effectively turns off any traffic going through it. This is how I turn off the network to the other computers in my house when I need to.

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    You can disable a network connection by command line.

    DevCon Command Line Utility Alternative to Device Manager.

    Please access this Microsoft support page that it will show How can you manage Device manager by command prompt.

    I need to disable a NIC as a normal user into the command prompt, not as a administrator..if someone could help me how can I execute this command as a normal user. (I need to automate a process, then I could not interect with the command like "runas command" that I needed to supress the passwor manualy).

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