a horrific story of whats happened since installing SP1

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by plaztic, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    DAY 1
    got sp1....... the install went fine.. downloaded it one morning went to work, came home, installed it... simple.

    doing work for a few hours and BAM! lights out, spark flew across my face, lights back on.. hmm computer is still on, but i turned it off to be safe.

    DAY 2
    came home from work again, put on my computer to finish up an ad i was making for a client, and 45minutes later i hear a "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" continuosly coming from my machine and i thought "ok its over heating", my old machine buzzed when it over heated in summer, so i switched it off, turned it back on a little while later for it to restart with the error "no nvram" - you know that non volotile ram or whatever it is.. the memory thats powered by the lil battery to store stuff when your computer is off..
    so i got out the ol swiss army knife and pulled my machine apart, to replace the battery and it seems my board seems fried, my power supply is blowing hot air from it and it seems like a small fire has been lit inside my computer..

    so today i have to buy hopefully only a new board and a new power supply.. im not gonna install SP1 again it seems like it doesnt want to be installed and theres alot of bad karma all around it..

    anyone else have any horrific stories to tell about sp1 and the distruction of your computer
  2. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    maybe it's coincidence.
    SP1 is just a patch..not a nuclear bomb :)
  3. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    Seriously....... SP1 is only a bunch of patches and I highly doubht it would fry a MB. I have installed XP SP1 on about 20 machines and havn't had a problem. Had a few small issues but nothing hardware related.

    Maybe might wanna have a look at your PS too... just in case. :)
  4. NetRyder

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    New York City
    I highly doubt that SP1 could fry a motherboard. ;)
  5. Nick

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    North West, UK
    I doubt that was Sp1 that caused that....You may want to open your PC up to see what's going on inside it....then send it off to the Manufacture to fix it.
  6. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec

    mmmmmmm maybe that 5 gallons of gas I left standing next to my computer with a lit candle inches away balanced over the edge of my desk was a bad idea

  7. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    nah, im not saying sp1 fried it, it was just my little story, and how it coinsided with all the little stories of microsoft shutting peoples **** down, but i was unfortunatly fried by lightning..
    just took it to the computer shop and my ram got fried waiting to hear about the board, but the cpu made it through safe, if you are wondering.. a few bandaids and it will all be good.

    at first i thought it was just sp1 fucking with my machine, rebooting it.. coz my computer stayed up for a little while the next day, but im guess the powersupply finally shorted out and took the ram and possably the board with it.
  8. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    Well I'm not installing anything ever again. :eek:
  9. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    I had a brand new 1 gig Duron pre-built system here in the store and kept having trouble with it...blue screens...freezing etc.

    Until finally I sent it back to my supplier and they run it for about 30 mins trouble shooting it and the PS let go and took CPU, MB, Ram, and a PCI Ethernet NIC with it. Hehe glad it happened to them :).....they sent me a new one 2 days later.
  10. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    sh1t $405 to replace the board + ram + powersupply, i aint ever turning my computer back on ever again.. and still i havent tested the hdd to see if its working.. try it when i take it all home.. i might just flog the work puter im on now, even though it cant haul sh1t compared to my home pc.
    somedays just suck more then others.
  11. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    i cant send it back to the supplier, i always custom build my machines, and i dont think they replace components back on 'lightning strikes' - thats more of an insurance claim.. which i will be taking up
  12. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    And this is why you get a surge protector for your PC =P

    Lightning??? wut part of Aus u in plaz??

    The main cost would be the board and ram... wut board and how much ram (and what type).. PSU's are expensive or cheap... depends on which way you swing...

    350watts is a good minimum nowadays.... Just get a new case lol... mmm...

    Now is a good chance to upgrade plaz lol
  13. Shamus MacNoob

    Shamus MacNoob Moderator Political User

    L'Ile Perrot Quebec
    no surge protector

    No power bar ? no surge protecteor? sucks :confused:
  14. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    this was my system

    amd xp 1600+
    k7t266 pro2
    256mb ddr 266 ram
    60gig hdd
    32mb dual head geforce something or rather video
    19" monitor + 15" monitor
    sony burner
    sony dvd

    lalal and yea, $445 later
    i got a gigabyte 7dxe board - $180
    new ram dif brand cant see it no more - $140
    new powersupply - $55
    and a fan - $35
    its a decent average price.. i wasnt to hardup for it.. have the cash didnt have the time to shop around, time is money after all.. 3 hours later im back in business, only lost one days work.
    and i just uninstalled SP1 :p

    no surge protector.. a surge is a surge.. lightning will rip through a surge protector..

    and what part of aus.. newcastle.
  15. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    If it was a surge you might be able to get compensation from the electric company.
    What about home contents insurance?
  16. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    it was a lightning strike.. so doing the insurance thing on it..
    but i couldnt wait for the insurance ppl to take it off, inspect it and ****.. so wait n see
  17. djmorgan

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    Get earth quakes ther too! :(
  18. The_Schwarz

    The_Schwarz Guest

    Was that the big storm on tuesday? We put a surge guard onto our metre board and havent had any probs since, cost $200
  19. plaztic

    plaztic Guest

    yah.. that was the electrical storm on tuesday night.. around 8:30ish i think i got hit.. the first hit was the first part of the storm take took me out.. i think ill get a surge protector.. but ive heard that they dont protect against lightning
  20. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Guest

    Surge Protectors do just that, protect against surges. Which is "slightly" different from lighting. If you had a surge protector and lightning would hit your electrical wiring, you computer is toast.

    Pull the plug from the outlet if you have a lightning and you want to be safe.

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar