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Horizontal lines in picture at lower resolutions.

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
I have a Sony Trinitron 19" flatscreen (not thinscreen) CRT monitor.

When I switch into lower resolutions like 800x600 and 640x480 I notice thin horizontal lines.

I've attached an image to show what I mean

The left side is taken with a 320 x 240 resolution and the second image with a 1024 x 760 resolution.

You will notice that the lower resolution has many little horizontal lines between each row of pixels. I'm wondering why this is.

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
I couldn't get the image up because of my filter, so here it is in this message.

NOTE: These image were taken with a digital camera at around the same distance from the monitor.
As indicated in my first post, they are just pictures of a section of my screen at different resolutions.

The one on the right is NOT a zoomed in version, but just a different resolution.


hardware monkey
that's just how a trinitron works. that's how most, if not all flat crt's work. mine, for instance, has tiny vertical black lines.

[edit]btw, what kind of camera did you use to take that picture? must be pretty good to get that close-up detail.


the lines are probably there at higher resoulution, but they are so close togeather that you can't see them:D

No Idea if what I just said is true but is sounds good:D

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