Computer keeps freezing.

Kevin Ar18

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I have an online friend who's computer randomly keeps freezing on him for a few seconds. When it happens the CPU cycles go up into the 90's (aka 91% or something similar).

Anyways, I've started to diagnose the problem, but so far I'm not sure what is causing it.

I have checked his startup items, and so far none of them look like they would be a problem. (Except I have no idea what reboot.exe is for) I have attached a screenshot of the startup items.

He has run an antivirus check already. (probably several times -- I'm not sure)
I've asked him to run adaware -- he plans to do that sometime soon.
I've also asked him to keep an eye on the processes for the next time it happens - if I can catch the process in the act this would greatly help.

Does anyone else have further suggestions for things to check or some programs to run like adaware?


I am having the same problem, I have a laptop and desktop hooked up to linksus router. IE freezes and the only way out is to close IE and restart it. I have done virus check and everything is OK. The cpu doesn't go up or anything the hourglass just sits there and keeps turning.
Anybody have any ideas for Kevin Ar18 and myself.


It is more than likely a software issue ... There might be some type of incompatibilty there -

When mine was doing it I found that it was Java .. When I would go to a site that required it it would freeze and lock-up, then it would be fine, then a couple of seconds later it would do it again, once I unistaled Java and put Java Virtual Machine in it's been fine .. So that could be what it is there ..

Another good way is to backtrack - ask him when it started happening and what progs he installed before and after it started .. That will eliminate a number of progs ..

The last good suggestion, Clear the "temp" Directory ...

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Time for an update.....

I think you are gonna find this very interesting.
I've attached a screenshot from two images he sent me.

On the right side is what occurred during the lockup. You will notice that for 28 seconds the computer was uable to record any information!!!!

The left side shows the processes about 2 seconds after the lockup. You will notice there that the explorer.exe process is the one using up cpu cycles at that moment.

Some other info. He has reformated his drive in the past and reinstalled Windows XP.
Before the format he also had lockups in XP Pro.
In addition, from what he's told me, the lockups only occur while he's on the internet and while he has IE open.

Other notes:
He had Norton Antivirus, Wipe, and Unerase installed both before and after the format.
He does not have SP1 nor did he have it before the format.
He could not install the Microsoft certified drivers for his modem.


Hmmm .. Did he log out and and log back in with out rebooting ???

Also when he reformatted, how did he do it ??


reboot.exe is used for computers with SiS graphics. The same file loads from the exact same location on the systems here in work that use SiS onboard graphics. I assume that offboard SiS graphics card would do the same thing, but I could be wrong.

What graphics card does your friend have in his machine?

excoelis: are you using DHCP or Static for the IP addressing on your router? If repairing IE or using Mozilla (yuk - we wont continue on that conversation) doesnt fix the problem, then try Static IP addressing (if you use DHCP (Dynamic IP) addressing) by setting

Primary DNS:

Also, in the WINS tab, check "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP". I use that setup (different IP though) at home using a linksys router. A mate of mine has had troubles with routers and DHCP, I changed his IP to static and it stopped causing problems.

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