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    Inline frames

    Use a style sheet or put STYLE tag in between the HEAD tag. <style> iframe{ allowtransparency: true; background-color: transparent; filter:alpha(opacity=60); margin-left:50; } </style> <body background=picture.jpg> <iframe FRAMEBORDER="0" BORDER=0 width=448 height=272...
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    aDSL & PPPoE

    With XP you don't need software from the ISP and it is very easy to set up the connection: Read this article:
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    Startup Applications Website

    I am not so sure what you are looking for, but if what you mean is XP services then you might check out this site:
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    Exporting E-mail addreses (XP Home)

    .csv file is actually a database in text format, you can open it using either notepad or excel. But as your import/export menu is dimmed, I don't think this will solved your problem. Check out this website, they have some utilities and faq on OE problems/backup.
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    number list generator ?

    Excel can generate number list, just fill in the first number in a cell and drag it either row or column wise. You can use mailwasher to view, delete, bounce of both http and pop3 mail accounts.
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    World clock program

    You can try ClockRack from
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    Our Wedding Contest.. I need your help one and all, one last time

    You got my vote - 4 mail accts
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    DSL Modem

    Normally DSL modem comes with the subscription from a DSL provider. It can be from a telephone or cable network company.
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    Random Sig in Outlook Express?

    Would you send it to me by mail then ? as you can see I am not using a sig . . promise . . just for my desktop. Should you agree I will start pinching every single one of your sig as well . . :D
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    Random Sig in Outlook Express?

    OK . . how about a tutorial on how you change your sig for now ;) ? Would be nice to have that on my active desktop :cool: :)
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    Random Sig in Outlook Express?

    SPeedY_B, I know you're good in scripting . . can't you do it with a parsing script and let the script run using task scheduler? Share it with us when you succeed :)
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    Active Desktop Tutorial

    Here is an example of what luminosity have addressed. Also included a 'behaviour script' so that you can move the box on the fly. You can read more about this script here Just make layers as many as you wish and named it Layer1, Layer2 etc by putting them as <div> and also add them between...
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    common tasks help.

    I have no idea . . I checked the original shellstyle.dll of Luna style and its all there. I am using XP pro but don't think there are any difference in XP home. Not sure whether you can just add them as there might be some other reference pointing to the bitmaps.
  14. Z frames

    Try put: marginleft=20 in body tag i.e. <body marginleft=20>
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    Outlook Express, Colors, Copy and Pasting?

    I don't know if there are any setting for your problem, but try do this: Once you finish typing, switch to FORMAT>Plain text and back to FORMAT>Rich Text and apply your stationary. By doing this it seems that the font as set in Option>Compose will also be applied.