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    explorer.exe High Mem Usage???

    At my computer ( 1300MB ram ) That's normal, it has always bin that way when i had multiple explorers open
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    windows xp service pack 2 acting up

    something's defenately wrong, why dont use your BETA ID to report to microsoft, and if you haven't got your beta from microsoft, reinstall
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    CD-RW Freezes PC

    Autoplay off did'nt work, the nr is 4052 and has the newest firmware
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    CD-RW Freezes PC

    Driver update did'nt work
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    CD-RW Freezes PC

    it worked on my motherboard... once....
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    How Did You Get Your User Name?

    I needed a nick, sayd to myself, it has to be cool, what make's a nick cool?, an X does, and an a on the end does, but i could only think of the abbrevation off approximately, witch is approx and has an a on the beginning and an x on the end, so i flipped it getting: XORPPA
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    Which video card do you use?

    Asus Geforce Fx 5600 256mb
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    CD-RW Freezes PC

    Hello, i am xorppa... I have a problem with my CD-RW, if i insert any disc into my AOPEN 40x12x48 CD-RW my Windows XP Pro SP1 Freezes, i tried uninstalling etc, did a fresh install of XPsp1 tried a virusscan... any suggestions? Thanks Xorppa