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    Catalyst 4.1 for ATi cards released

    Thanks for the Ovaltine info. I was just beating my child because I thought HE drank all the ovaltine. Whoops! (Relax DYFS I was kidding!)
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    Printer problems

    Which OS? XP or 2k? If XP: 1. go to printers & faxes config box in control panel 2. RIGHT click on the printer in question and choose properties 3. click on the security tab 4. click ADD then ADVANCED then FIND NOW 5. find her user account in the list and click on her name once then click...
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    check out Fedora Core 1 from Red Hat download page. VERY nice installer and it went in without a hitch. I've used every flavor of linux and I really liked the ease of this one. Great for beginners! NIC install was a little weird, but I've seen worse.
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    Alternative to Google?

    Try using copernic search agent. The basic version is free and finds stuff using a ton of search engines at the same time. Check it out:
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    organized favorites?

    Click on favorites, then right-click on the one you want to change. Go to properties and the Web Document tab (in XP) There is a button there for change icon When you click that, there is a box that says look for icons in this file, make sure it says: C:\WINDOWS\system32\url.dll...
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    organized favorites?

    ok, I think I understand what you were asking now. You have your favs in a custom order, not alphabetized. Are they alphabetized when you go back in? or are they just moved around randomly.
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    Word Association

    ascend p.s. nice RD quote madhon! "Stop saying everything is crypto-fascist!"
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    law questions.

    and Bubba!
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    Which video card do you use?

    ATI 9600 with 256DDR - Catalyst 3.10 - added vid ram heatsinks - was WAY too hot. Awesome card! Works pretty well under Fedora Core 1 OS ( ) also with latest drivers from ATI.
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    organized favorites?

    It sounds like you have some spyware adding sites to your favs and re-arranging. Do you run Adaware or the like? I use IE as well as Firbird, Mozilla and Opera and I haven't seen anything like that.