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    I got Crysis. Who plays?

    I got the first one, completed it then never picked it up again. Didn't bother getting Warhead.
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    Require a good mp3 tagging program
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    Internet Problems - Many problems - XP SP3

    Your clock is wrong. On your screenshot it says it's 2007. You're two years out, manually change it to the correct date, then synchronize the time! If it won't hold the date (i.e. keeps resetting), then the battery is going on the motherboard.
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    Hi! Billy Mays not here anymore!

    Billy was a legend. Annoying as all hell, but still a legend. RIP Mighty Putty man!
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    How do you clean up windows machines?

    1. Check for spyware Malware Byte’s Anti-malware SuperAntiSpyware HijackThis Combo Fix Make sure systems are clean. Reboot and re-run spyware scan. 2. Remove “bloatware” PC Decrapifier will help remove a lot of this junk. 3. Configure startups and windows services Use...
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    car porn!

    I know, but there are very few other V10s on the market to compare it to. And it just sounds whiny. V8s are much better.
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    car porn!

    Would probably be awesome if the camera audio quality was better. Friend of mine has a 68 Valiant pushing around 450bhp, that sounds nice too.
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    car porn!

    That's why there's 8000rpm, though Vtec is just horrible.
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    car porn!

    See, I love the lumpy idle and the sound like it's about to cut out. That to me is how a V8 should sound. I don't like the refined smoothness of the modern ones. Still better than a pissy 4cyl, don't get me wrong, but it's not quite the same. With you on the 'Raris, they sound like enormous...
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    car porn!

    Yeah, I gotta agree with X, Yank tanks have got the V8 noise right... German mobiles (whilst I love them above all others) are too refined. Anyway, having owned 3 Benzos I'm more inclined toward them than Beamers, so I present to you the best sounding Kraut V8 out...
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    Remove avg = No internet?

    I just had this problem with a bodged Norton removal by a client. The computer wouldn't obtain an ip address, and when I assigned manually it still wouldn't go online. Turns out Norton had left some remnants behind, ran their removal tool and everything was fine. Try clearing out the registry...
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    The Really Long Thread

    Chicken tikka FTW. No proper curry huts here though, one of the rare things I do miss about England!
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    Fixed Reps?

    Totally unrelated (I'd be an asset to SP), but I like Johnny's taste in music. :)
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    Home Server Hard Disk Recommendations Please

    I usually recommend WD, but recently amongst my clients I've found every single name brand failing without cause. I have completely lost faith in all the major manufacturers and just buy whatever's at hand, fully expecting it to fail at some point in the next couple of years. Real sad situation.