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    SP2 Information & Support

    EP, if you follow that link that you posted, it now says RTM I'm downloading right now. The installation file is named xpsp2_rtm_enu.exe and it is at the site that you listed above. Is there some way I can check the version number without installing? I really don't think this is real but...
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    2 cards in front of me - need to know which is a better fit for me

    I've got an ATI radeon 7000 64mb agp4x/2x and an NVIDIA geforce440mx 64mb agp8x. My computer is a dell xps b933 and it's got an agp 2.0 hookup. I've got the ATI in right now and it works great. Did a pcpitstop test and it tested at 70fps which measured up favorably with similar models. The...