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    Bit Torrent Suggestions ABC 4 U FREE CLICK NOW = shad0ws Experimental + queueing.
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    Close Real Player Start Center

    real player alternative
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    free ftp

    smart Ftp Period. [and filezilla for sFtp]
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    Blue Screen

    get a fan and blow it on the video card like crazy, get a good fan. i've had systems reboot when the card overheats from playing 3d games.
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    rebooting problem

    if you installed the motherboard into the case yourself, check to see you have no extra screws installed under the mobo. they may touch the board causing a short.
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    Two OS's on one HDD

    2 gigs will give you little room to work with. 5 is ideal for programs and download overhead.
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    VGA Drivers

    ms offers tested and proven drivers, they are the safest to use with working with windows, however they are usually older and provide less features. great for workstations.
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    Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

    .7 is stable release working well here - often the nightlies are neat tho
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    What's the best, cheap High Speed DSL ISP??

    i don't mean to derail the thread, but this cought my attention ;)
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    Opera and related applications discussion

    yes, it will save your settings.
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    Two OS's on one HDD

    it is possible to install two windows operating systems of different or same versions into one partition. make sure that a) name root folders differently [winnt/windows], b)install the os's in the order they were released. ie. 1. win98/2. 2k/3. xp/4. 2k3
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    XP Installation :)
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    OSNN Firewall Poll

    don't use one.
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    ATI Catalyst 3.10

    ps. there are new omega drivers to match this ati update ;)
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    Two OS's on one HDD

    what os's are you keen on using... there are some important filesystem type checks we should outline...