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    Need Help - Horribly Low Performing PC

    I dunno if this is a stupid question, but did you install the 8800 specific drivers?
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    6800GS issues

    I think that 16a is sufficient on the 12v rail. However I got a lot of issues with my 7900GT when i first got it because of a crappy psu(which later died). I had artifacting in games and desktop etc. Try the card in another machine and if it does the same thing its likely a problem with the card.
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    USB ports not working - please help :(

    Thanks guys, I tried what you said and had no success but I found that if I went into device manager and unticked the "let computer turn this device off to save power" they work fine,:) although, i cant understand why this happened in the first place as I was playing a game at the time. :dead:
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    USB ports not working - please help :(

    It seems that if push the mouse into the port juts a little and not the full way the mouse will light up for a few seconds then turn off, for exactly the same amount of time every time.
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    USB ports not working - please help :(

    I wonder would updating the motherboard firmware fix this?
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    USB ports not working - please help :(

    I've been having this problem for a while now, all but 2 of my USB ports have stopped working. The front panel connecter USB ports wont work and neither will 2 of the 4 ports at the back of the pc. It happened while playing Prince of Persia a while ago, I had my mouse, keyboard and gamepad...
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    Medal of Honour: Heroes

    Well I got it for £29.95, no idea what american prices are like. Same price as everything else.
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    Medal of Honour: Heroes

    The multiplayer is simply the best of any psp game. 32 player online multiplayer with ranks!
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    Medal of Honour: Heroes

    Has anyone else got this? I bought it at the weekend, its the best psp game Ive yet played. Recommended to any psp owners!
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    PSP Firmware Looks like they are difficult to set-up. Try this. BTW. For downgrading from 2.71, i'm sure you need a special file that has been run 1.5 psp user, does anyone know about this?
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    Any opinions on the x850pro Wouldnt you rather go for a shader model 3 card like the x1600 or 7600?
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    XBOX 360 - Am I missing something?

    The japanese generaly dont buy consoles/games developed outside japan. Especially western companies. Its accounted for by Patriotism and distrust of products from other countries.
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    overclocking an ati video card..

    At most you'd see a 10fps difference. If its actively cooled(FAN), then you might be able to get a good overclock. I dont know how X1000 series cards overclock, but you might be able to do better.
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    6600gt issue? 7600gs a possible replacement?

    Have you checked your card was seated properly? Have you tried it in your computer since? Try it in another pc and see how it runs. I dont think the 6800XT would be a good buy as its worse than the 6800nu. It doesnt really matter which manufacturer you go with but BFG, ASUS and XFX are all...
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    Half-Life 2 Episode 1

    DOD source is frickin good. Ill post some screens if you want. Valve really put a lot of effort into the "makeover" for dod source.