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    Glastonbury Tickets

    leave the guy alone indy, go pray or something.
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    windows xp service pack 2 acting up

    Is it using the installer which is with xpsp2 beta(LV)? If not trawl around for the installer download, diasble it in processes and reinstall a newer version. Might help. I am sure about a year ago a beta of win installer 3 was available here.
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    UXTheme Multi-Patcher 1.5.1 updated with SP2 for XP 2082.

    Saw this at this site as a new build: If you have the beta SP2 2082, I have a heard a rumble that this is far from being the finished product, so as with all betas only install them on a seprate machine that doesn't contain all your vital files. :D
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    Web page

    Are you using frames?
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    Web page

    what version of FP are you using?
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    Outlook forwarding

    Forge the header like a certain website does when they send me begging mail to buy SWiSH - do!
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    download managers

    I used getright when on dial-up, now on broadband don't really need it. After Version 4.5d it got poor. Crashes constantly, don't fully download, needs a reg patch for my server, well I tried some other managers, they're either got spyware or if free try to copy other dl managers. I will...
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    J-Perk V6.09

    Above average software..Great for all levels of web building!
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    Script(s) needed

    I want to set up some affiliate links on some pages. I want to do some pay-per-click links. I need some scripts that will log, time link(s) was clicked, date(s) which link(s) if the link(s) where used to buy something as so I can then redirect them to a receipt on another site as to...
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    Win Explorer Crash xp SP1

    ne1 HAVE THE LINK THAT m$ RELEASED for the hotfix when sometimes win explorer crashes and takes time to re-establish itself? Seen it here a long time ago..NE ideas? please post thanks