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    Upgrading from XP to 7 possible?

    yes even ultimate and professional version works at rams around 512 and 256, but uses ur harddrive memory as cache. Which reduces performance and stability, and reduces ur hdd life. whats the use running it when each task u perform takes 2 min to even start. I have run win 7 on 512 mb, 1 gb, 2...
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    Upgrading from XP to 7 possible?

    NO u can't upgrade from windows xp to windows 7, It requires that u do a fresh installation, after removing windows xp. which is recommended. don't install win 7 ultimate or professional with less memory than 1 gb. they don't work.
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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    Windows 7 home premium works on 512 ram too(professional edition and above it don't work below 1 gb ram) , but lags slightly. But that and processor is not a major prob, The biggest thing is Graphic memory, integrated GMA 900 , 950 doesn't do well with it, most of the graphic memory is taken by...
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    Happy! birthday EP.

    Happy! birthday EP.
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    [Finished] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide, Microsoft and HP Giveaway

    Re: OSNN, Ivy Worldwide, Microsoft and HP Giveaway , this link is not working for me, i can't post , its giving errors dude. i can tell what the last line said after the survey, but the link is not working. :) , do something admin.
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    News Nero Free Version

    nero free, r u joking, who uses it , It already has too many probs with full software. free is waste of time. I m using ashampoo burner too. its pretty good too.
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    Removing Windows 7 Watermark

    thanx , i was trying to find this thing.