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    Default Font

    I recently installed Firefox, and my default font was changed after I made it the default browser. I didn't bother me much at first but now its just a pain in the ass. The default font for Windows should be Times New Roman if I'm correct, and it still is, but its a bit bubbley and smoother. It...
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    reverse enginnering

    I have an application (its basically a crack me util), and it is in some ways related to warez so I'm not posting it, but if someone has some experience in this stuff, I'd really appriciate some help. aim-punkandacoke yahoo-punkandacoke msn-punkandacoke@hotmail icq-343143354 if mods...
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    Arch Linux 0.6 (Widget)

    ps: long time no talk netryder, its been a while
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    Arch Linux 0.6 (Widget)

    incase anyone wanted to know, I am running three servers using arch 0.5 and 0.6 and both are incredibally stable and I took some extra time hardening everything (openbsd standards) but for the most part, it is very secure. for desktop use, I've been with arch since 0.4 and its very nice. easier...
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    Web-site CMS Drupal isn't as good as plone, but runs off php and mysql. there is another cms, and it processes all the work through a clientside app and uploads pure html...forgot its name. as soon as I find it I will post it.
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    Web-site CMS works great, but requires server to have python and zope. I think you're running a server at home right? Well, give it a try anyway.
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    l337 tAlK

    tHiS b3 t3h 1337 tAlK tHr3@d...y0u c@n 0nLy tAlk0rz n l337
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    Is There Easy To Understand, Free Cd-rw Software??

    I recommend burnatonce, and if it's too hard maybe you could tell us what you don't understand and we could help you?
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    Bizzare File-Sharing Problem

    try this say the name of the machine is "wh0r3" in run type in " \\wh0r3" without quotations tell me if that works
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    Flash Transparancy

    thanks for replyin but I really should RTFM, the Flash help file told me how to do it. ps: thats not was I was talking about and its my fault cause I should explain myself more thanks man
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    Word Association

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    The other word game

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    The Person Above Me

    the person above me is a welcoming fellow
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    The other word game

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    Word Association