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    I'm Back!

    Welcome back Akash :)
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    HL2 Leak good for gamers?

    I'd have to say a big NO to helping the gaming community. :( I'll just wait like everyone else. But, what if it was a stunt by Valve to keep the advertising flowing? "Oops, someone stole our source code... Oops, someone finished the game for us."
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    80's Songs

    Survivor - Eye of the Tiger Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone :D LOL
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    Poor French...

    Is this what your attempting to post ThePatriot? :D
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    icon problem

    Maybe send something to Microstiff and suggest it as a feature in Windows Longhorn? :D
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    We need a Pirate MMORPG

    A modification for Battlefield 1942 called Pirates in the works. But, its not MMORPG. Check it out.
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    Poor French...

    Who is this "french" you people keep talking about? :confused: :p
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    Student Loans

    What is it you do that gets you up at 3am? I'd have to say working and going to school at the same time can be difficult, but rewarding in the end. You gain experience (something to put on that resume of yours). And dismissing the worry of paying back the loan after you graduate. Or...
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    80's Songs

    Tears for Fears - Head over Heels Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right Run DMC - It's Tricky A-Ha - Take On Me ...
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    I'm Back....

    Sup Brandi :P I think you owe me a vacation pic or three... :D
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    Best Start to ever maan!

    *looks around the room* your Tae-Bo skillZ are no match for my Super Plunger attack! *plunges Brandi's head into a toilet*
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    Best Start to ever maan!

    Im taller than you. :P
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    WOOOOOOOOT. Just gloating!!

    *bashes forehead on keyboard*
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    Outlook XP

    Unless the program asks you to reboot, I dont find it necessary. :) Here's something I would try. Backup any mail that you'd like to keep. Un-install Outlook XP, Reboot, and Re-install Outlook XP. Doesnt sound efficient but could work.
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    Best Start to ever maan!

    I usually try to kill the weeds with some spray. You can also pull out the weeds from the roots, but they usually grow back. :confused: